Monday, February 12, 2007

Episode Review: The Friday Night Slaughter

Episode Rating: A+

Good, good, good episode! Probably my second favorite after "The Christmas Show." Sorkin has done a few episodes in his history that concentrate on the dark downward spiral of a character (Dan in Sports Night and Josh in The West Wing) and I always think those episodes are some of his best, and always tend to be the ones that speak to me the most, and this episode was no exception.

I'm now a Matt/Harriet fan. True blue, dyed-in-the-wool fan. The way they executed the relationship in this episode was flawless, the back and forth to see how far some of the characters have come and what that she has meant to him. Matthew Perry better be clearing some room on his mantle 'cause he majorly deserves a Lead Actor Emmy, his performance in this episode was extremely powerful. Also, did anyone else catch that Tim Batale is an anagram for Matt Albie?

This was a heavy episode but... there really just isn't too much to say. Matt was great, the story was great everything about him was great. I was happy to see my earlier concerns about Simon already having been mentioned as not being on the show in 1999 were assuaged, this was merely an audition (that he apparently didn't get.) The flashbacks were done well... I'm not sure why we didn't see Danny in the flashbacks though. Or Wes. I mean... I get why we didn't see Wes, they couldn't get Judd Hirsch but his absence was noticeably felt. I can't help but think that the character of Joe from this episode was originally envisioned as Wes before it was discovered he wouldn't be available. Also, where were Ricky and Ron? Shouldn't they have been working there then?

I'm enjoying Danny and Jordan just being a regular couple. There wasn't an ounce of drama for them (well, there was, but not for them as a couple, they had their own seperate stuff going on) and I liked that. I love relationship drama but every so often you just need to see them at rest, even the most turbulent of relationships have their down periods. I still insist that Bradley Whitford's fake blonde hair needs to go, it doesn't fit him right.

Tom and Dylan were funny, what can I say? Tom's one of my favorites, I'd say I'd wish they'd give him more to do but truth be told I'm fine with him as a supporting character, it's where he works best. Ditto Cal, who was (as always) great in this episode.

No Jack tonight, but then I'm not sure where they could have fit him in. I also notice we didn't see a lot of the supporting characters. Lucy, Darius, Jeannie, etc. etc. But I suppose there wouldn't have been a place for them either. I'll be honest, I'm really searching for things to critique but all I can say is this episode was done very very well. Kudos Sorkin and Perry.

A heavy but terrific episode. I knew there had to be some significance to the name Tim Batale. I'm going to miss this show!
Excellent episode. I only hope it makes others realize that the Matt/Harriet relationship is not as bad as many think.
Very dark story, not a show that kept me in my seat. I hate the depiction of drugs and the drug culture. Some how it plays that taking drugs is OK.. Yes it is Sorkin’s way of getting to the storyline, but not really needed.

There were so many other ways this storyline could have gone, but I guess they needed to tie back in Matt’s drug problem. So enough of that.

The power struggle with Jordan and the Reality Lady is going to be fun...more real life stuff here.

Ricky and Ron were not in the flashbacks because they came in as Danny and Matt were being that is for another dark storyline flashback.

I wouldn’t give the show an A+...way too dark of story. Matt Perry did pull it off, but I am sure it is not the character he wants to play. I will give it a B- at best.

I am worn out after that show tonight...Hope they get better.
The really sad thing about this episode is that the Matt-Harriet story has become the saga that ate Studio 60. A great story about pressure, fear of failure, and depression is almost possible to enjoy because the Matt-Harriet relationship has been beaten to death.

We get it, they have an odd relationship, and Harriet fueled Matt's creative fire at a critical time. But do we have to be beat over the head with it every single episode? Do we have to have all the derivative Odd Couple and Wacky Hijinks humor filling soo much space every episode? And does Harriet always have to have the perfect comedic timing and endless praise from all angles? Is her only fallibility that she cares too much? Oh I forgot, she can't retell knock-knock jokes....

Speaking of space, what other stories are left to die for the sake of more Matt and Harriet? Matt and his assistant, The writers' room, and ALL the other actors on the show are reduced to bit segments or cut entirely.

The network hasn't renewed for another season, and the Show's down to a 7 share (yes, that matters). People are looking for clever, diverse stories in an ensemble cast, and are instead being treated to a love story that is getting less interesting all the time. Kill it dead, open the time saved to better stories, and maybe the show can be saved.
First of all, to Duke and 2nd anonymous poster above.--I’m sorry that Studio 60 hasn’t been candy coated and lightly salted just for your own personal tastes. Anonymous poster--nothing personal, but your analysis of the Matt and Harriett relationship being beaten to death is a little on the shallow end. Part of the point of the redundant storytelling is to show their relationship is a dead horse, And to that end I think the time spent showing that is very lifelike, as I have seen many undefined and obsessive relationships consume seemingly everything and everyone around them.

Moving to the episode itself, I agree with Chris M. in saying that the biggest gap in the episode is the lack of Judd Hirsh as Wes, due to either his unavailability or the NBC budget slashing machine. We were really made to feel earlier that Wes put the fear of God into people like Matt and Andy in the writers room. Instead we get Ned “the Head” Ryerson from Groundhog Day calling the shots. Nice touch to see some of the writers that left with Ricky and Ron though!

Also, I agree, where’s Danny in the flashback, particularly given the fact he discovered Harriet? Otherwise, I have no problems with this excellent episode. I’m only sorry we may not see the resolution of some of tonight’s storyline issues before the indefinite hiatus.

P.S. Kevin Riley: You say you want to give Studio 60 every chance…but how the hell do you expect it to get and maintain a following when you randomly take it off the schedule in the middle of the season and give no timetable for it’s return. Makes one believe you aren’t really pulling for the success of this show…
I love this show!! It is so good. I really like the Matt/Harriet relationship and am growing to like the Danny/Jordan one. I thought Tom was really funny (I am liking him more and more). Matt is by far my favourite and this episode he really stood out. Does anyone else want to give him a hug or is it just me?

It is really unfortunate that they have to put it on hiatus (with no return date set - that can't be a good sign). This show does not deserve to get cancelled. It is an intelligent and well-written show. I love the way it is shot. I'm sick of everything half decent getting cancelled. What happened to giving shows a chance?
I just want to say that while is is a very dark episode... that's what I like about it and one of the reasons I think it deserves the A+
Yeah, I loved this episode big time, even as I winced and winced and winced again over what was happening to Matt. The only little problem I had was "seven years ago Matt" didn't look young enough to me. This probably has as much to do with me (and pretty much all of us) knowing very well what Matthew Perry looked like seven years ago, of course.

I'm also wondering if this fits so well with the continuity they've set up. I tend to think it messes with it a little bit. How in the world did Matt get from where he was in 1999 in this episode to being basically #2 writer guy behind Wes himself two years later in Sep 2001? That's not just a fast climb, that's way too fast. I think they messed with some of the timing to try to get everybody in.

We know from previous episodes that Sep. 2001 is a key milestone, because of the Bill Maher thing, and it leading to Matt and Danny leaving.

So it'd be interesting to try to work some of these timing issues out to see if they work.

But, really, that's quibbling. It was a great episode. I so loved seeing Jordan being actually. . . girlish. . .at points, which was both cute and startling at the same time from a very pregnant network president (and whee, did she go to being "very pregnant" in this episode!).

I so love Sorkin's ability to write for a large ensemble. Sure, we didn't have Darius and Lucy in this ep (alas), but still. If I'm totally honest, the truth is that Cal and Andy might actually be my favorite characters on this show, and I mean no disrespect to "bigger part" actors by saying that. Just love for Sorkin's ability to write for small parts and layer/grow those characters over time. Andy going after Tom and Dylan in the hallway for mangling "Metric Conversion" was great stuff, as was his fumbled permenantly damaged psyche effort to try to be there for Matt.

Just a really good ep all around.
To: Everyone who asked where Danny was..

He was asleep on teh couch in the writers room. Matt asked him for if he would read his sketch and Danny told him to go away which propelled Matt into the lobby where he met Simon.

Or did you mean that there wasn't enough Danny???
I got to say, seven years ago Matthew Perry looked exactly the same if not worse. This was Season 6 of Friends and Perry had the longish hair, was a little overweight, etc. etc. So... that wasn't a big deal.

Anyways... that wasn't Danny asleep in the writer's room. Danny wasn't in any flashbacks. Sure he was working there, but there was no need for him in the flashback and wouldn't be working with the writers anyway.

And, as we learned, the way Matt rose so quickly in the ranks was because of Harriet. That sketch may not have made it on the air, but soon they did and Matt became the big guy he was now. He just focused on that memory 'cause that was the first time he lost Harriet to Luke
You're scaring me, because first you put the fear of the inconsistent backstory in my head and then you came up with the exact same plausible excuse about Simon not getting hired!

Now my theory why there was no Danny in the flashback, because they are trying to make him completely irredeemable! He's supposed to be the "big shoulders"? He doesn't see his best friend, cause he is too busy with Jordan. Ugh. I've never liked them and noone would act like that at work. I've never likes Jordan at all...once again the network pres says, oh what should I do, help me figure out my job??? (though she did figure out the witch's scheme.)

Now, on the positive side...I actually thought this episode was one of the better ones, because like my favorite the option period, it was about the backstage drama! I just want it to be hit out of the park everytime.
I was sad to not see Danny either considering he hired Harriet. I agree that the saga of Matt & Harriet is a bore. Keep them apart and have them move on and get over their issues & then, one day, we might actually want to see them together in like 3 seasons or so.
This episode made me cry. And Danny, as a recovering drug addict, needs to clue in to what his friend is going through. He will, I believe that, and that will also make me cry. But I agree, this was all around excellent episode. Tom and Dylan (and Andy), Jordan and the bitchy blonde, and the fantastic flashbacks. I love how Matt and Harriet were fighting seconds after they first met. They just don't know how to talk to each other without bickering. They never have and they probably never will. The thing is, the arguing is what makes them happy at the same time as it makes them miserable. They're probably really bad for each other, but they could potentially make a great couple. The caring, the passion (emotional, I mean), all of it is there. I'm rooting for them in spite of myself.

Matthew Perry, after a successful comedy career, is in each and every episode stepping up his game as a dramatic actor. That show was probably the single greatest performance in a television drama in a long time - years. And everything around him was fantastic as well. This episode was so difficult to watch, and given the depth of the emotional downturn in it, I think that's the highest compliment I can give it.
On the subject of Danny not being in the flashbacks:

I was also under impression the guy asleep on the couch in the writer's room was Danny, despite his voice being different, so I'm assuming maybe someone else was standing in for him in that scene (who knows why, maybe even covered up he still looked to old to be 7 years younger), but Matt does call him Danny, and to me it just seems to match up with later when Matt says "I really could have used your help on the Neve Campbell sketch" to him.

Other than that, I didn't enjoy the episode that much, mainly because the darkness of the story wasn't for me, having said that Matt Perry continues to be fantastic, although giving him a baseball cap and casual clothes doesn't make him look 7 years younger, but that was a big ask.
BAD's been announced that NBC is moving the premiere of the black donnellys ahead a week...Studio 60's last episode before hiatus then is NEXT week, 2/19/07.
Anonymous poster above…that’s crap. The NBC website still has the Black Donnellys premier as March 5th, so check your sources next time before you go into a posting frenzy.
RE: DANNY IN THE FLASHBACK: People, I just watched the episode again. The guy laying on the couch in the writer’s room, though named Danny, is not Danny Tripp. The Danny on the couch is the bearded, frazzled writer with the funny hat that left with Ricky and Ron. He can clearly be seen previously in “The Cold Open” during the scene were Matt is reaming the writer’s for dressing childish. It is not out of the realm of possibility that this gentlemen’s name is Danny as well, as it’s a common name. But Danny Tripp does not, I repeat, does not appear in the flashbacks.
Nope looks like the above poster is correct, next week's Studio 60 could be the last one we see for a while, maybe forever.

It really would be a travesty for NBC to pull this show without trying to do anything to make it work. They need to at least be willing to try it in a different time slot on a different day. I still aruge that this is a 9:00 show, its very tough to have a show run at 10pm that requires people to watch every episode to maintain storyline continuity. Id love to see them give this a shot at 8 or 9pm on Sunday or 9pm on Wednesday's... just something else to try and give the show a spark.
hey (name) f u, check your sources next time. I think it's been established that isn't exactly the holy grail of sources....
TV guide is reporting that Black Donnellys is taking over on 2/26 too. This must have been decided late yesterday b/c I saw a preview for the new show stating 3/5 as the start date.
Well now I'm nervous about Studio 60's future.

Monday's episode was shear genius. Matthew Perry was incredible in his spiral downwards. I was never a big Friends fan but his work on this show has been exceptional. Clearly he has a huge presence and his acting is amazing. The show is just hitting it's stride. Everyweek is like another chapter forward and a bit of a chapter backwards so that we can watch the storyline move forwards while we get background as to where it was.

This truly is the only intelligent show currently on television. I guess everyone has an opinion about the storyline or character development. One thing remains unchallenged is that the dialogue is unlike any other show currently on television. It is smart, satirical, at times very sad, and often not funny.

I hope the network realizes what a valuable asset the show is. There are almost no promos for the show. Sure, it has heros as a lead in but that's a different audience in some ways. This show would be perfect counter-programmed to some of the junk on Sunday nights.

Putting the show against CSI/whatever is really unfair. There has been almost no network support.

I just know there will be another reality show piece of junk eventually put in the slot. NBC has rolled over to CBS on Monday nights. This is especially true with the Deal no Deal garbage. Why not put Heros, Friday Night Lights and Studio 60 together on the same night. All are strong shows. Call it "drama Mondays".

Maybe the show should move to cable. The total audience is smaller but it's better defined (in terms of the all too important age demos) and has more affluent demographics.

It's really tragic that NBC just doesn't care about the quality of its shows. They used to have a three or four night control over prime time. Honestly, they are now the "we just don't care" network. Their first hour of prime time is beyond crap. Who is going to watch the second and third hour on their network when the lead in is stinky. Why don't they get this?
What I loved about the episode was the little things. With Sorkin you often have to wonder whether details were on purpose, some of them were so subtle. Here were things I like (and thought were done on purpose)

- Tim Batale is wearing Matt's hat in the last scene

-Tim tends to disappear when Matt is trying to talk to him

-There are drugs/alcohol throughout the show, even when not beig taken by Matt

-Matt "steps into darkness" after taking the pills from the beautiful, half-naked, singing Siren

-Half of the scenes with Harriette (past and present) end with her shutting the door

-Tim's problems are exactly Matt's current problems (his girlfriend is making a movie with some guy, etc...)
To the anon poster right above re tim and matt...good points. All little things I didn't catch until I viewed the episode a second time. I like to think i'm a smart guy, but unlike the numerous arrogant posters over at twop, I didn't pick up on tim and matt until the reveal at the end.
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it was a great episode. is this show definitely being cancelled on us?
Bye bye Studio 60. As detailed in the link below NBC has announced Studio 60 has been suspended, so this is probably the slow death of what unfortunately has been a hugely under-rated show.
This was the best episode of the season, by far. Sadly, it could be too little, too late but truly, AS has no one to blame but himself. Why did he decide to abandon all the other, arguably more interesting but definitely more important for audience-building story lines in favor of the two love stories? Was it because of the pregnancy or pressure to draw a certain type of audience? Regardless, what is most disappointing is that a show with such great promise may get knocked out without throwing its best punches. I think the postmortem (if it does indeed get cancelled) will show that a show called "Studio 60..." about a show called "Studio 60..." probably should have been ABOUT a show get the picture. Focusing so quickly on such a small part of the cast, on only four characters, two love stories and the strange side story about Jack and the FCC and the deal in was just too much, too soon. The show should be about the show and the performers and what makes people choose to put themselves through the ringer week after week. THAT was the common thread to WW that I could see early on and that would be a very dramatic and compelling thing to watch. But somewhere along the line, that idea got lost and we got "Albie's Anatomy". Just too bad.

Anyway, I sincerely hope that -- if it isn't too late -- the show goes back to episodes like this. Show us how these people got to be who they are and why they do what they do and what the pressure of live TV does to them. Without that, why should I care about who they sleep with and why?
I have to say i didn't enjoy this episode, i like the dark nature of it, but what really bugged me is why in these stories does everyone have to be interconnected.

Luke Scott worked at Studio 60, what a shocker. I mean, did he really have to, is it so hard to believe in LA that 2 people are not interconnected through work?

Simon just happened to be there to do an audition that week as well, would it have been such a crime if he wasn't? Seems to be more realistic. 2 new cast members in a week, the first week back for the season, seems like you wouldn't really be hiring that week unless it was an emergency, then it would have gotten more mention.
Couple short takes on this epi:

1. The flashback element was weak. We saw it repeatedly on the West Wing, and this one was just mediocre.

2. Matt Perry can't pull of the flashback. Even a 7 year flashback. He just looked like an old guy trying to play a young guy.

Did we know before now that Luke was a S60 writer? If so, how did I miss it?
This is the first time I understood Matt and Harriet. I love them as a couple and I am rooting for them to get beyond their differences. I really felt that Harriet was nasty to him at the dinner.
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Oh my. Just found your blog, & couldn't be happier; I'm thrilled I'm not the only person out there who would puzzle out the Tim Batale/Matt Albe anagram. Still, I fear that there might not be a lot of money in doing a one-hour drama, with a major ensemble cast, for just the two of us...
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