Thursday, February 15, 2007

Black Donnellys premiere date moved up

The Black Donnellys, the midseason show set to take Studio 60's place at the beginning of March has had their premiere date moved up a week so that next week's episode will be the last Studio 60 for a while.

No way else to put it, this is bad news. But... oh well. At this point all I can say is... if it gets cancelled it gets cancelled. I love the show, I think it's great and the best drama on television but... if most people don't like it, they don't like it. I'm going to start getting myself in a mindframe where if it gets cancelled I can just shrug it off. I think much of the unpopularity has to do with what I said earlier, it's a mob mentality... people feel better about themselves when they can band together and rag on this show.

It'll depend very much on The Black Donnellys, I'm sure. If it's ratings suck too, I think they'll bring Studio 60 back if they don't, it'll stay.

I don't really think other NBC shows (espeically new ones except Heroes) are beating Studio 60 & if so, its not by much.
It's not just whether other shows are doing better, it's studio 60's price tag.

Chris, you've got a healthy attitude about it, I'm depressed. I sure as heck won't be tuning into see Black Donnelly's, not that I make any difference!
My husband and I love Studio 60. He doesn't like many shows, so that is really saying something. It will be really unfortunate if this show gets cancelled. I wish more people would recognize its brilliance.
I've seen this coming for a while now. The fans that read your blog can't seem to detatch themselves from the show and look at the situation objectively. The ratings have been slipping for weeks now and it's expensive to product a 42 minute drama.

I just hope that they air the remainder of the filmed episodes sometime in the late spring or early summer so we can at least see what they had planned.
We all knew this was in the works for a long time. I hate to see it happen even sooner than expected, but NBC really has left the show hung out to dry and not supported it since week two of the season.

I don't have tv so I watch it every week on the internet. I wonder how much the networks care about internet viewers.
Well, many shows are forced to revamp in season 2 and remove what is not working from season 1..Remember on the West Wing's MANDY? She just disappeared in season 2.

That said, my hope is that NBC gives Sorkin another season however, he'd have to cut some serious costs. They do use a massive amount of extras that could probably be cut down.
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I'm confused, I thought they'd commited to giving it a full season. I knew it wouldn't make it to season 2, but I thought at least they'd finish the first year. After all, they'd poured so much money into it.

A shame.
Following "24" on Monday nights can't be helping the show these days. It's unfortunate. It's one of the few shows I watch religiously.
Couple of things...

kmc: The show hasn't been cancelled, they have committed to doing the whole first season. This is a temporary hiatus that was planned from the get-go, the only trouble is they've made the hiatus come one week earlier, which, again, isn't good.

sean evans: No, "24" isn't the problem. "24" is generally third in the ratings in its timeslot, after CBS sitcoms and "Heroes."
I feel so completely helpless, i love this show. The sounds coming from the media, whatever episodes of the show left could really pick up and they won't care they shout from the roof tops anything bad they can find about the show and stay oddly quiet about anything good.
I am so hoping the Black Donnelly's is a big failure. I really think Studio 60 could find it's audience. I love this show. It is the only one I watch every week.
I think hardy24 is a drunkard! Did you read that stuff. It makes no sense. Get Real!
Well, I won't be watching The Black Donnellys, as a sign of protest. Not that I'm giving up much - the show looks terrible from what I've seen of it, and I can only hope it gets put out of its misery soon and S60's hiatus is brief. And worst case senario, the season 1 DVD becomes a "Complete Series" DVD. Either way I'll be watching that over and over.

If Studio 60 gets cancelled, it will make me absoultely miserable. There's an absolute shortage of good, smart TV out there. But it's up to NBC to make sure they take care of the good thing they have. Who knows if they're smart/canny/brave enough to do that?
I don't know how they don't give this show a second year, and some scheduling efforts, to find an audience. The numbers aren't that bad. Heroes might be a great lead in for some stuff, but not necessarily across the board. NBC used to understand that kind of concept pretty well. And there is not so much quality on NBC that they can afford to lose this show, frankly. I've heard the "Nothing But Crap" joke from NBC affiliate people even!
Honestly, I haven't missed a single episode of Studio 60, in fact I can't wait until I can download them after to rewatch them. Plus I live in Canada and therefore get to watch it a night before everyone else (I just saw 4AM Miracle and it was FANTASTIC, as per usual).

I think NBC is really missing the big picture and they just don't want to fix it, perhaps they are committed to failure on the grand scale as a network. Leno makes jokes all the time, but it is true... they've lost the quality they used to have, when Thursdays were "Must See TV" and all the rest. Seriously, right from the minute this show was suffering against CSI Miami (etc...) it should of had a time slot change and a revamped schedule. What I honestly miss is the old days before Survivor and Big Brother, when seasons started in September ran roughly until May and everyone had the summer off. I think the real problem is the attention span required to follow a drama (and Studio 60 is rather intricate-->but so smart and witty) has been damaged as a result of mindless programming, which strictly emphasizes... wait I forgot my point... and I really thought NBC was aiming for quality not quantity.
Still it might be a good idea to start working with other fans to enourage NBC to keep the show going this year and to give it a season 2...
Just saw "4 a.m. Miracle" up North here, and it was hilarious! As always, I'm hooked by the cast's great chemistry - it's a shame that the show's not getting the credit it deserves.

I too have seen "4 a.m Miracle", and I must say it was great.

It sucks that Studio 60 has to take another hiatus coz the show is getting better and better.

NBC should man up and start supporting the show the way Studio 60 deserves.

A move to another timeslot or day (tues/sun??) could help because S60 has been one of the top shows that are recorded and viewed at a later time. Maybe a weekend timeslot would be great?

Anyway, I'm praying to the TV gods that NBC does the right thing...and that S60 returns.

From the first, I felt Studio 60 had a limited audience. I loved it, having worked in the tv industry in LA for 8 years in the 80's. I was very surprised that any network would show the nastiness that goes on behind the scenes, especially the over-inflated egos of on-camera persons. Too many reviewers keep harping on the skits of the show, which was never the point. It was how and why they were done, not the skits themselves. Oh, well Tommy will have to go elsewhere but as a fellow UT grad I wish him the best of luck.
I knew Studio 60 would have a limited audience when it started. Having worked in the industry in LA for over 8 years in the 80's, I loved the premise and how it worked. I was amazed that any network would show some of the nastiness and back-stabbing behind the scenes. The bloated egos of the on-camera persons was very true to what I encountered. I felt that the reviewers harped too much on the skits shown and not on the point that was being made- how hard it is to get anything put on such a show with all the egos that must be massaged. Hopefully Tommy will find another show for his talents and as a fellow UT grad, I wish him the best.
Anyone think there's a chance that HBO or Showtime might step up if NBC cancels it?
It might happen, and in reality the show probably would of worked better on a network that doesn't have extremely superficial values, but do you really think the big names and the characters we have already formed an active relationship with would follow the show to another network?
I am an overscheduled, middle-aged professional and this was the only T.V. I took time to watch each week. I'm sick about the hiatus, and I'm worried that the show is gone for good. I was all ready to have this one to watch for the next few years. Bleh - Bleh - Bleh!
I'll be back with you when S60 come out of hiatus. 4 AM Miracle was another job well done by the writers...
All I gotta say is, Studio 60 is funnier and WAY more enjoyable than the so-called "comedy" version, 30 Rock.

I really hope it comes back.
Although this really sounds like the kiss of death for this show, I still can't help but hope for a second season.

After the West Wing had mediocre ratings in its first season, the network replayed it during the summer, where it really caught on with viewers. Perhaps they can try the same with Studio 60.

If they haven't cancelled it by then.
I don't see much logic on ragging on 30 Rock. They are completely different shows. And there are some here who enjoy both Studio 60 and 30 Rock.
I am very disappointed that Studio 60 is going on hiatus. I believe it's the best written show on television. I understand that is costs more money to produce a show like this, which is why I wish more people could see how good this show is. Sorkin is a genius. I'm very sad.
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The only show I have ever kept up with is LOST until Studio 60 premiered and I haven't missed a show yet...I will be very upset if it gets cancelled they need to do what they can to keep the show going and give it enough of a chance to catch on with more people, which I know it will.
So I watched this, and you know what? It's not a bad show at all. I think it would be an incredibly stupid mistake, however, for NBC to get into zero sum thinking about these two shows. There ought to be room for both of them. The NBC schedule is not so lined in gold-plated quality as to make that impossible to arrange, or even very difficult.
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The Black Donnellys, totally sucked. . .Doesn't touch studio 60 with a 100 foot pole!
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