Tuesday, February 27, 2007

About "The Black Donnellys" premiere

First off, yeah, I know, I know, I haven't written the "4 AM Miracle" review yet. Expect that to be up sometime tomorrow night. Today is the last day of my crazy busy-ness that was stretching the last week, so I'll have more time for updates (if there's anything worth updating about)

But, I'm so excited about what happened with The Black Donnellys that I had to post. It did NOT do well at all. It garnered a 5.5/9 which is basically mediocre ratings for any show, only two points higher than Studio 60 has done on its worst day and a good four points lower than where Studio 60 premiered.

Now, don't be alarmed by The Black Donnellys doing better than Studio 60 at the moment. This was the series premiere, which are almost always heavilly inflated due to the constant promotion and people who don't know what the show is wanting to check it out. You better believe there's going to be a huge decline in the numbers next week? You want proof? There was a 30% drop off from the first half-hour to the second half-hour, implying people tuned in and did not like what they saw. If they even tuned in, as Heroes ended at 10:03 last night.

This is good news for Studio 60. A few more episodes of a steady decline will put The Black Donnellys with significantly worse ratings than Studio 60 had, and 60 will likely return. Is this definite? No, and I don't want anyone to get their hopes up prematurely, but there's no other way to spin last night but bad for The Black Donnellys.

I was busy last night but I managed to catch the last half-hour of the show, just to see what we were dealing with. It was contrived and unoriginal, but not terrible. That said, I can't see me watching it again.

It's sad to hope the worst to a show so our favorite show comes back. I do, and feel guilty for it. There's a lot of people working on it that don't deserve that. And still, the worst for them is the best that can happen for s60.
Don't get your hopes up. The Black Donnellys ratings may be nothing to brag about but it's still a hell of a lot cheaper to air than Studio 60. Kristin's Vine show at E! Online elaborates.
Is there anything we as fans of Studio 60 can do? It is the most well written show on the air and the cast is wonbderful. I have never been one to write to try and save a show, but this is one worth saving.
I hope it comes back soon & gets a second season.

FYI - they are currently filming the remaining episodes although I'm unsure how they'll deal w/Jordan since Amanda just had her baby. Will she be missing for a few episodes?
Black Donnellys shows no understanding of the Irish gang at the time (the Westies), which would never have attacked any mafia family. They were strictly small potatoes and stayed in Hell's Kitchen where they belonged. I know, I worked there in the early 50s.
I came in this comment section to say what thehardmenpath has already said. I love Studio 60 (and basically everything Sorkin does) with a fury, but there is no need to be petty. I'm from Portugal, I don't have access to The Black Donnellys (I just download Studio 60) but still, there is no need to have ill will against a show before it even has a chance. Come what may, let's try and make an exit with a little class - that word which the rabid Studio 60 critics apparently missed in pre-school...
The problem is though, it's pretty much a given that Studio 60's success hangs on The Black Donnelly's failure. I wish that wasn't the case and I could appreciate it for what it is but... I want Studio 60 on the air and to have that happened, The Black Donnellys must go. It's not The Black Donnelly's fault, it's NBC's, but nevertheless that's the sitch.
So your contention is that since Studio 60, as terrible as it's become, is not as bad as The Black Donnellys and therefore it should return?
Please... why does anyone want to waste their time on a show which began with such promise of being "culturally relevant" but slid into shlocky, unbelieveable romantic "comedy"? I was finally done with it during that recent three-episode arc in which every terribly cliched sitcom plot in existence was trotted out.
Bill Kronke of the LA Daily News figures it's just a matter of time before Donnellys tanks and Studio 60 is back. The premier episode of Donnellys started out with respectable numbers because of the Heroes lead-in, but viewers were tuning out in droves by the second half.

What you thinking about it?


Why does the Donnellys have to fail in order for Studio 60 to return? Is that timeslot the only one where NBC would put S60?
TBD tanked even worse on Thursday night, so I'm seriously thinking they can't keep it on during May sweeps!
I find it interesting that Studio 60 is having the same ratings problems that Sorkin's Sports Night did. Sports Night was a fantastic show that wasn't given its due. As I watch Sports Night on DVD I can't help but wonder how it didn't make it. There's no accounting for taste, and when you put a new show up against an established winner like CSI:Miami, it might be hard to break the hold. There are things that can be done to save it, but they better be accompanied by an amazing ad campaign or only the diehards will see the end. Finally, isn't it silly that 6 million viewers per week aren't enough? Over 30 times the amount of people who go to all the NFL games in a week isn't enough. Aaron Sorkin is a genius and maybe he's got something in the can in the last 6 episodes that will give it another shot next year.

That was clearly not what I said it all so... try to keep up.

Studio 60's ratings are bad but on the whole don't appear as if they will be as bad as The Black Donnellys, but I don't believe the show is bad at all. Quite the contrary.
In response to the Sports Night comparison, the problem with these two shows is that the audience they chose to target almost assuredly would not latch onto the show, at least not en masse. The writing and situations are not unlike those of the West Wing, but the West Wing generally targeted an educated, older, and more political viewing audence.

Take the same production and writing elements from the West Wing, and place them on the backdrop of a show about a late night sketch comedy show or a sports highlight show and you have an issue. The target viewing audiences here are younger crowds more in tune with pop culture - fans of SNL and SportsCenter, respectively, to be more precise.

The issue is that the product itself is not inferior, but that the backdrop doesn't carry the product well to the targeted audience. The shame is that it seems obvious that Sorkin prefers subject matter that meshes more with pop culture, but that his style is inherently more appropriate for political subjects.

Presumably, the six million or so devoted viewers of Studio 60 include, in large part, those viewers of the West Wing who tuned into the Pilot and continued to enjoy the product that they were used to presented on a new backdrop and a handful of new viewers or fans of Sports Night who did not like the politically charged nature of the West Wing.

Perhaps these shows would be more successful on an HBO or Showtime, but Sorkin is so adamant that his product be accessible to the largest number of viewers possible, that he actually turned down an offer to continue Sports Night on HBO shortly after it was cancelled. Later, even incorporated this ideal into the Studio 60 episode "The Long Lead Story," when Jordan convinces a young writer to bring his show "Nations" to NBS so that it may be viewed for free by the largets audeince possible.
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i think it's sad that nbc has pulled studio 60 from their show lists on their web site. :(
They haven't pulled it, as of 10:56 am CST. I just checked.
As I slowly accept the inevitable, I guess I am just grateful to have watched another great Sorkin effort.

May I add a cynical note to all this? Why did NBC put on this effort in the first place?

I will offer an answer: for the same reason it continues to show “30 Rock” on Thursday nights: to try to draw primetime viewers to “Saturday Night Live.”

Of course, the difference between the two shows is that many, if not most, of the fans of this program may not be drawn by the humor found at SNL, and thus the network decided to drop this one as a loss cause.

BTW, at the risk of speaking ill of the dead, I would like to remark that I really surprised that one of the weakest aspects of this series is its dabble into politics, the FCC subplot.

As previously mentioned by another, the fines supposedly imposed were way out of line with the appropriate statutes. However, Jack and Wilson’s counterclaim is equally bogus.

When an American soldier in Iraq was interviewed by a NBS’s news team and an explosive ordinance went off a couple of dozen yards away, he yelled out an epitaph which put them in hot water with the FCC, who claimed that it should not have been allowed to have been broadcasted without an censorable time-delay. NBS is trying to say that that was against their First Amendment rights.

However, what if the explosion had occurred several yards closer, killing or severely wounding the soldier, possibly along with members of the news teams? What would be the justification of showing that, live, to the folks back home, which may include loved ones of the victims?

Of course there would not have been any justification, which is probably/hopefully, why that subplot might never have been developed any further should that the series lasted longer.

But, all in all, I loved this series, and hope my mourning has been premature.
I just watched the last episode AGAIN at NBC.com. I thought it was great w/a few exceptions:
1) Too much focus on Harriet & Matt.
2) Too little focus on Simon, Tom, Cal, and where was JACK??? What happened to the FCC lawsuit?
3) Too little complete ensemble. I love when all the characters are in the same room playing off each other. Its awesome. I'd like to see Jordan spend time w/more than just Danny all the time.
Norm from Georgia, I completely disagree. Live broadcast is showing what it is, if it's a bomb, it's a bomb, you'll see reality as if you were where the camera was.

Back to the Black Donnellys, Studio Briefing says:
NBC's mob drama The Black Donnellys, which had a disappointing premiere a week ago, slumped even further at 10:00 p.m. this Monday night as it posted a 5.1 rating and an 8 share (versus last week's 6.0/10). The results were worse than those for the previous occupant of the Monday-night time slot -- Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. A rerun of CBS's CSI: Miami won the hour with a 9.9/16.
Sorry Black Donnellys, but for me it's all in the writing and I've got an itch only Aaron Sorkin can scratch. I started watching West Wing late in its second season after learning who was at the helm and had to stop watching when he left cuz it just SUCKED. The writers who took over were not true to the characters, only interested in the "political intrigue" end of it, turning it into ER In The White House. I will even admit that many of the political issues went over my head, but it's his characters, their relationships, and most of all their dialogue that sets all of Sorkin's work apart from the rest. Before canceling the show, maybe NBC should also consider the revenue to be made from many seasons of DVD sales. I'm sure ABC had no idea the kind of fan base Sports Night really had. Besides, there's so much crap on TV, we need Studio 60 to bring up the IQ level.
I have never been moved to post to a blog before, but as someone who came late to the Studio 60 party, I say to the Powers that Be, please let the wonderful show continue.
I'm a huge Studio 60 fan. I like CSI: Miami, and I watch CBS shows before 10 PM, but I actually turn the channel, and watch Studio 60. It's the ONLY show I make every effort to watch in real time as I tend to DVR everything else. In fact, I DVR Studio 60, too, just to watch it again. I love the opening music, I love the dialogue. I don't love the Danny/Jordan story line--wish they would have her act more like a network president and less like a vulnerable little girl. But otherwise, it's a GREAT show. The Black Donnely's--not so good.

My big question is this--if, and a pox on their mansions if they do, pull Studio 60--what pray tell do they plan to replace it with? Another version of Law and Order? Deal or No Deal? Friggin' Grease--Your the One that I want? More mindless, uninspired REALITY TV (by the way--wish they'd develop that story line more on S60). TV networks have become a JOKE they way they choose to just continually regurgitate the same old copies, usually poor ones, of reality TV or cop shows. Studio 60 is fresh--it's not like anything else. I hope they keep it. Hell, put it on 5 nights a week.
great blog. Just came across this now. Been watching the show this last few weeks, in Europe. Now seen the 16 episodes. It's not the West Wing by a long shot, but it is ocassionally great.

It recycles a lot of WW themes and even relationships (Matt and Danny are Bartlett and McGarry), but it's its own show. Also Matt Perry is excellent - best scripts of his career and he knows it. He and Whitford are a great double act. Not sure about Amanda Peet but the characters are growing as it goes.

These things alone make me want to see more. Whatever happened to giving a show a season to develop? There are a multitude of now-famous TV shows that came close to cancellation (or got cancelled) that went on to be huge sellers: Only Fools and Horses and Firefly to name just two. Studio 60 needs some time. It's witty, smart, sexy and ocassionally very funny. It's flawed but I'd like to see more.

And besides, as shaky as it sometimes is (Episode 5 was close to unwatchable) it's still the best thing on TV. More please.

I just wanted to remind everyone about the petion to "Save Studio 60"... not that it is likely to convince the blind network execs at NBC, but at least it makes one feel like they are doing something as opposed to sitting around staring at the blank television set on Monday nights.

One thing I found out is that this website deletes the repeated signatures (you know how one person might sign and pretend they are twenty), so the 12,800 that have signed are individuals, and in some cases I noticed that one may have signed for two, there are a lot of husbands that say their wives support this as well--therefore we can see there is the support there it is just obscured with all the reality television and teeny boppers controlling the air waves.
My letter to NBC...

I'm not nor have I even been the type of person to become a faithful regular fan of a broadcast television show. I've never found myself looking forward to sitting down in front of my television and watching a show or going out and investing in a silly device like Tivo just so I don’t miss an episode. That changed with the release of Studio 60.

It's intelligent, substantive and it's one of the best written shows on Television but now I understand that it is being cancelled.

That's really unfortunate and if the reasons I am hearing are true - that you are bowing to pressure from the political right, it's sad.

There is a shift happening in this country and people like me are looking for a deeper discussion about important issues. People are starving for more that the simple black and white, easily digested FOX News vision of the world and you’re canceling this show just as momentum toward more debate is building.

Studio 60 is a show that takes time to build an audience and it deserves an opportunity to find an audience.

Look at FOX’s 24 for example. The marketing material for the show would have you believe that this is an instant run away hit. The reality is that it’s taken 5 years to achieve the following it now enjoys in this sixth season.

You have an opportunity with this show to actually have an honest dialogue about social issues like religion, the war, parenthood, drug and alcohol abuse etc., but you're chickening out because it's too sensitive - to controversial for a segment of the viewing audience that wouldn't watch the show anyway. You have an opportunity to show both sides of issues and to demonstrate that people can have disagreements, rise above their ideology, find common ground continue to work, live and tolerate each other.

Very few television shows do that and I feel that it is exactly what this country needs right now.

I think it is really troubling that are you giving a small bunch of very loud, very angry, very wealthy and very divisive groups that kind of power.

Studio 60 is a good show and you know that.

I am asking that you rise above the noise of organizations like the Heritage Foundation and the Christian Coalition and offer the rest of us programming that has some real substance.
I am a member of the Heritage Foundation. I want the show back. Don't paint us as the problem.
I like the premise: a show about writing a show. And the writing holds up. In so many new tv shows, the writing just doesn't hold up. I liked the few WW episodes I saw, but am more interested in comedy than politics, so wasn't a devoted fan. Studio 60 had me hooked. What a great cast, too.
The Black Donnellys in its third week had a stronger lead-in, was up against a repeat CSI, and pulled in a lower rating than Studio 60 ever did!
However, NBC is talking up the other shows that could have done better numbers, Friday Night Lights and 30 Rock, because they own them. NBC is going to treat Studio 60 like trash because they don't own it.
RE: The Survival of "Studio 60"...
For the sake of the long-term (or at least longER term) survival of the show, I sincerely hope “The Black Donnellys” stays on the air at least a couple weeks longer. Here’s why:

FX’s new debut “The Riches”, which runs in the “Donnelly” timeslot is bound to eat away at two key demographics: 1. The 18-24 demographic (interested in Eddie Izzard crossover appeal) that NBC and most major networks have an fanatic fixation with, and 2. People who are looking for a unique spin on pseudo-family crime drama, but find the “Donnellys“ unsatisfying.

The continued dwindling numbers of the “Donnellys” (combined with the previous unflattering performance of “Friday Night Lights” in the same timeslot last fall) might convince the network once and for all that “Studio 60”, which has preformed as well and better than the aforementioned programs deserves to be put back in that slot for at least the rest of the season if not longer.

ALSO, with the “Donnellys” running against the buzz of the “Riches” debut, the “Donnellys” can take the blunt of the ratings impact while viewers gage there interest in “Riches”. That way, when Studio 60 comes back, “The Riches” audience will be more or less established, allowing people who might have skipped a Sorkin drama to check out the Izzard drama a clearer chance to pick between the two.
To the individual who wrote that the show was being pulled to appease the "right-wing"--I am a conservative and I LOVE the show. I think that Aaron Sorkin tends to address both sides of the spectrum here as he did in West Wing--which I also never missed an episode. C'mon--look at Harriet--the best character on the show and she's portrayed as smart, funny, AND Christian. What does that tell ya?
I do not understand how networks make their decisions. I find myself not wanting to get attached to any show because they do not appear to have any loyalty to me the viewer.
We need 4.am Miracle!
and hopefully no "Friday Night Slaughter"
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Read this article, you may want to write a quick post about it:


I found it on Drudge this morning and the second I read the first line, I knew Studio 60 would be mentioned...

Also check out the TwOP website and look at the announcement in the top right corner.

This might mean something for S60, it might not...but it's worth mentioning,...
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I want studio 60 back!
E! Online's annual Save One Show campaign is officially underway starting March 23rd! (this Friday). Be prepared to do battle and tell all your friends. Heck tell the acquaintances too. Networks eat this up. Almost all the previous winners got renewed. NBC can think whatever they want about internal support and petitions but this is too hard to ignore. It ain't over til the fat lady in the mumu sings!

Here's the link to Kristin's main page http://www.eonline.com/gossip/kristin/index.jsp
I keep trying to find information about Studio 60's status and came across your blog. Is NBC saying anything about it? I noticed it's still listed as a show on their site with no news about cancellation. I can tolerate Black Donnellys but have to say I adore Studio 60. I think it has great writing and a talented cast, and I have my fingers crossed they'll bring it back!
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vote for studio 60 in the e online poll as THE endagered show to save:

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hey wats happenend with the blog? have u given up on it chris m?

At least we know that we'll (eventually) see the end of this season. And if it seems more likely every day that S60 won't be back next season, at least we'll likely get closure.
i want my studio 60, it is the only show i watch on nbc.
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