Monday, February 19, 2007

4 AM Miracle

Episode Rating: A

Sorry guys, I'm insanely busy this week and just won't have time to get this week's review up until Wednesday at the earliest, but I wanted to give y'all a place to discuss it. So I leave you with my episode rating so you know, at least, what I thought of the episode and this thought:

For you diehard Wingnuts, how cool was the "Gage Whitney" reference? I was so hoping at some point during the episode Danny would forget the name of the firm in reference to Josh doing the same.

Now, discuss away! And if tonight's was the last episode, mourn, my friends, mourn.

Ha ha ha.

I was SO hoping the same thing, Chris.
Great Episode! Very funny! PLEASE GOD let the show continue. If not let's see Sorkin's next idea come out. :P

-Sorkinite 4ever-
The real 4 AM miracle would be if this show gets renewed.

Lowest Common Demographic

/me shakes head sadly
I too will miss this show, if it gets canceled. I have NO plans to watch it's "replacement".
I don't want it to get canceled.........
I really cannot figure out why this show is not picking up an audience. Perhaps it is too intelligent of a program, because the alternatives (CSI Miami, What About Brian, and Fox News) do not seem at all intriguing. Of course, there is the stigma (and critics' belief) that follows creative folk around that if they have had a success or two then they must be prepared for a failure and by golly, we'll make sure they have one!
This is probabaly nothing... but at the beginning of the episode, did anyone else think that as Matt went down to the writers room that it looked kinda liked the staircase to the Situation room in the West wing? in fact the writers room looks like the sit room.

Don't Cancel studio 60 NBC!!!!!
This is really a great show -- let's hope for a real 4 AM miracle & see this show renewed. I don't get why people don't watch this show -- it's smart, it's funny, and totally enjoyable.

--baffled in vancouver
If I'm not mistaken, davx, the set for S60 is the old set for The West Wing, so it's possible that that staircase is the same, just re-dressed. I've often thought the writer's room looks like the Roosevelt Room, myself. All those windows, halls on all sides... a little fresh paint and voila. But I digress.

This simply can't be the last episode because, well, after the Daytona 500 yesterday my heart can't break anymore. (Yes, I'm a NASCAR fan - go #5! But I digress again.) Let's hope for a quick death for the crap in its place - I'm not just saying this, it really does look bad, unoriginal, melodramatic, and just bad - and a quick return for S60 which, by my calculations (and the 16 eps I have saved on my TiVo) has 6 eps to go in a 22-ep season order. That's, what, a month for this Donnellys crap to die?

I'm not mourning yet. Not until there's official word. Until that happens, I'm going to keep a celebratory mood, because the kick-ass goodness of this show deserves to be celebrated, and I refuse to believe NBC is stupid enough to take something this wonderful away from those of us with both brains and a TV. Not until I see it, anyway.
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I think NBC is committed to showing the episodes one way or another but I just dont think it will be in prime time. Maybe in the summer or somewhere where ratings r so bad that it doesnt really matter. Maybe being on a different timeslot during the summer might ressurrect the series: its happenend before with other shows. Either way, I think we'll get our 22 episodes but I cant see a second season.

P.S. This episode was a good one :)
I think that tv is so clogged with reality rubbish that audiences take longer to take to quality drama shows, like Studio 60 that are so few and far between. Surely NBC won't cancel!! Please...
I pray this wasnt the last episode, I love Studio 60 dearly. Its a shame there isn't enough smart Television like this out there. If cancelled my life is all but over. NBC's problem is their promotion of the show. It has hardly any commercials and remains in the same time slot as CSI Miami sadly America's # 1 watched show.
Great show... The Black Donnely's is a direct insult to black people... come on, 4 white guys having a tough time growing up in NYC? Please... sure it happens but not in the numbers that it does for black folks. It's too ridiculous.
It was a really good episode... on a similar note of my intense angst over the pending cancellation of the show a friend of mine on Facebook (of course) sent me a petition to sign against it. While I normally don't go in for things like this I can only think that it is worth a try.
Thereason it will be cancelled is it just isn't original. You have all spent weeks comparing characters, plot lines and even scenery to "West Wing" are not fans of are all still mourning "West Wing"!!!
Just signed the petition and sent it to all my friends.

*crosses fingers*
To the most recent anonymous...

Permeating though your deep analyses of our psyches undoubtedly are, I think we're well aware of what we are and are not fans of. I'm a fan of Studio 60. I draw comparisons from The West Wing to Sports Night too, does that mean I only like The West Wing out of mourning for Sports Night?

Sorkin wrote both shows, there are similarities and I discuss them... but Studio 60 is a great enough show to stand on its own two feet and it does.
Dunno if the sets are the WW sets or not, but having listened to enough Sorkin/Schlamme DVD commentaries, there is no question in my mind that heavily windowed/sight-lined sets are going to be an ongoing trademark for them. The purpose is to create more motion/interactivity around the "talkie" pieces. So even if they built the sets from scratch they would share that feature with the old WW sets.
In this emerging (or perhaps arrived) market demanding cheap reality tv with Jerry Springer-like garnishes or brash, predictable crime "dramas" fit only for those with attention spans that require the obilgatory blood & guts to focus the ADD, Studio 60 seems to be the anti-tv person's tv show. It's hard for me to believe that a fake show about a bunch of whiners stranded on an island is one of the most highly rated, influential programs out there (no offense to those who enjoy it :p), and yet an intelligent, charming, energetic and highly entertaining effort like Studio 60 struggles to keep its head above water. I don't think this is a generational issue either (reading this over, I realize I sound like an old lady - I'm only 25 :p), and I don't like to speculate as to why certain programming appeals to some and not others, but Studio 60 and shows like it should be kept around for the occasional injection of erudite humor. Thanks for letting me rant!
I find the way that this show is being treated by both the public and the critics to be absolutely insulting to my intelligence. Matt Roush of TV Guide, Robert Bianco of USA Today, and Gary Susman of EW are probably the worst offenders...and frequently publish some of the most misguided, incorrect assessments of this show that I have ever seen.

The worst part is that NBC could quell the fear of cancellation with a simple press release reaffirming that they stand behind the show. Instead, they're just letting it bleed viewers...people who are probably leaving because they think it will be canceled and don't find it worth their time to stick around a doomed show.
I missed last nights episode. The only episode I've missed all year, and now I learn it may be the last episode I'll ever miss. Ack! Anyway, glad to hear this epsiode was reflective of the qaulity writing of the last couple of episodes.

Now for a small rant:
It's a shame such a great show has been so terribly marketed. Having seen the promos for every episode I can totally understand why more people don't tune in. This is a smart, funny show that is consistently advertised as a vapid will s/he, won't s/he love story. No denying that relationships are an important part of the show, but the current advertising focuses entirely too much on them. If I had never seen an episode and was forced to base my decision on whether to tune in at 10 pm every Monday to watch a love story about 2 couples I knew nothing about I can promise you I'd find other things to do. (In fact NBC doesn't advertise any of their programs particularily well at the moment.)

Oh, and if there is a second season I'd ditch that awful theme music. Seriously, the music rarely syncs and often contradicts the mood of the opening scene(s). Simply groan inducing.

Here's hoping the show gets a reprieve!
First of all, to anonymous who wrote at 5:57am...The Black Donnellys refer the black Irish...not people with dark skin.

As for S60: Great set, ok scripts, but what is killing/killed this show is the lack of real chemistry between the cast members. In short: casting.

Even the last minute attempt to rush in romantic plot lines never seemed to strike the right chord.

West Wing was a great ensemble of largely unknown actors. S60 has a lot of fine, well known, actors, but lacks the chemistry which made The West Wing fly.

Sorry to see it go, but, in truth, it never came close to living up to my hopes.
Comon pals! The show is awsome!Last episode was terrific!I'm a huge fan of Studio 60 and I do my best to keep this show on the air!Join petition and make a sign for to not canceling Studio 60! It really doesn't deserve to be cancelled!
I'm just having a hard time believing that NBC doesn't have something else in prime time that's more suitable to cancel. Is S60 really the lowest-rated show in the entire lineup?

I think more than anything, the show is expensive to make—the cast is full of stars, and Sorkin and Schlamme couldn't have come cheap. They bought the show knowing it would have a huge overhead, but banked on the cast and Sorkin's reputation to bring a huge audience to the party. This is probably why it was placed in such a tough time slot—to attempt to kill off CSI's huge market share there.

Most shows get bumped to at least one other time slot before they are canned. NBC is probably reluctant to do this, because the show is too expensive to only grab market away from shows that aren't that popular in the first place.

That's just my guess.

Either way, I assume eventually we'll have 22 episodes, even if only on iTunes. They did charge full price for that "season pass" after all. Can't imagine they'd want to give everyone their money back.
Me and the missus have just watched the final episode of Studio 60 - a show we have lovingly downloaded and watched every week. Don't fret - as soon as it's available on DVD we'll buy it, that's what all the fans will do.

I wrote this review for a magazine I write for a few days after seeing the first episode. I thought I'd share it with you. Hopefully the remaining episodes get aired stateside otherwise we the British fans, are going to miss out. We can't watch them on the NBC website)

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

The show takes place behind the scenes of a fictional chat show whose format is similar to Saturday Night Live.

After being forced to cut a sketch aimed at the religious Right, the fictional show-within-a-show’s producer, Wes Mendell, launches into a tirade about the falling standards of television live on air.

“This isn't gonna be a very good show tonight, and I think you should change the channel,'' he tells an audience of millions. “This show used to be cutting-edge political and social satire, but it's gotten lobotomized by a candy-ass broadcast network hell-bent on doing nothing that might challenge their audience. We were about to do a sketch you've already seen 500 times.”

Mendell is promptly fired after his outburst, leaving Jordan McDeere (Amanda Peet), the new president of the show's network, to rehire ex-writer Matt Albie (Matthew Perry) and producer Danny Tripp (Bradley Whitford), who ran Studio 60 in its prime, despite furious objection from NBS chairman Jack Rudolph (Steven Weber), who had fired them four years earlier. Complicating matters is Tripp's battle with cocaine and Albie's recently ended relationship with the show's star Harriet Hayes (Sarah Paulson).

Perry and Whitfield, who worked opposite each other on creator Alan Sorkin’s West Wing, have a great dynamic as Studio 60’s driving force and saviours. Thankfully there’s not a Chandler Bing-ism in sight, as Perry makes the step from comedic cultural phenomeon to dramatic actor.

The show brings with it wit, quality and most importantly substance. Sorkin has brought with him all the intensity and political sensibilities of the West Wing and spun it into the best thing on US TV right now. It is a brilliantly acted comedy drama, with a stellar cast, capturing all the conflicts that arise when people have to work together.

It will turn up on Channel 4 sometime next year, just after it wins all the Emmys, but do yourself a favour and get on board now. Studio 60 goes out Monday nights in the States and will be available for ‘watching’ Tuesday morning on this side of the pond.
OK, it has taken me nearly a day now to calm down over NBC’s decision to move up the Black Donnelly’s to start next Monday. I agree with Chris, the Mob style format somebody in Hollywood is interested in keep promoting is driving good TV drama out the door. How many different ways are there to bashing in someone’s head with a baseball bat...too many and we have seen them all with the mob shows...come on, lets keep good TV on the air and leave the Mob stuff with the Mob.

So,from what I have found they want to get BD’s up and out of there so the sponsor’s checks can be cashed. It is still upsetting to know that S60 got bumped.

There is still a possibility that they will move S60 to another time slot, but, Hey, the only thing we can do is raise hell here on this blog...

As far a the ‘4AM Miracle’ episode, it was well deserving of the “A” rating.

The plot that is building on the sexual harassment lawsuit is again how Sorkin covers what is going on in the real world. I would like to see the connection between the attorney and Matt build, which seems to be pretty entertaining...the closing of the Luke deal was pretty eye opening and another statement on what Hollywood is doing to the truth, and the computerized baby was what kept the show moving.

When S60 gets back on the air, we can bet that the deal with the ratings dropping that Danny is covering up and the lawsuit will take us out to another location shoot...lets guess where....

Keep up the support for this great show, and let me know how I can help.
Someone came up with the idea to bombard with watching a rewind of studio 60 next monday night at 10. Would be fun if enough people did it to make a dent.
Hey big fan of this blog and studio 60 in general, me and some buddies have started bloging ourselves and are looking for some readers. linl below. side note great ep last night did anyone notice that the lawyer who was with matt all night was from gage whitney, the same firm that sam was working for when josh came and got him to work for barlett for america.
I am a huge fan of this show and before everyone jumps on the WW lover bandwagon... I never watched it. Nor did I watch Sports Night however - I have been downloading this program on ITunes religiously. Perhaps the main demographic aren't those who watch TV at conventional times anymore, those who are online, Tivo etc not based on the specific time slot - surely there is a large base who are watching it (often in the top 10 itunes TV downloads each week) that are not being counted in the main 'neilsens'. Any way NBC if you are listening - don't cancel S60!!!
There are three options for the future of the show.
Syndication..It wouldn't be the first time a lesser network picked up a series from one of the three majors.
Spin-off...There are great characters on this show!!! Surely they could spinoff some of them into a new show.
Power play..After all, it is Aaron Sorkin, Tommy s. et al...
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Finally, an episode that wasn't a soap opera with superbe language!

I enjoyed Monday and the Harriet Dinners, but I do like that this episode went back to what the show was originally about, seeing what happens behind a sketch comedy show from all angles, (business, production, and interpsersonal).

The guilitene thing was histerical, even though I saw it coming once Simon said he wouldn't put his head in there.

I'm sorry Chris, but there's one thing I'm gonna have to agree on with that one Anonymos who said we're "mourning" WW and SN. I don't think you're in mourning, but I definately am sick of everybody comparing S60 to Sorkin's other shows. Studio 60 is Studio 60, it is its own independant entity and I think to be a really GOOD critic we should treat it as such. If Sorkin had written a show about the Governer of Florida or something as a spin off dealing with politics and whatever, go to town, but this show is different. The characters are different, the types of stories are different, and the humor, while stylized, is still unique to THIS show.
I love this episode and let me just say I finally realize why I dislike Harriet Hayes. She has no clue about timing (which is strange for a sucessful comedian works late night show ). She said things to Matt right before he introduce her in the Harriet dinner, she defends Matt when Luke is directing the final and critical scene of his movie;she gives a baseball bat to Matt in Studio 60 for closure, a baseball bat from a guy who is trying to date her; she bursts into writers' room and call Matt names, she kisses Darren in Studio 60(well, this is arguable but since I don't like her, I will put this in her account too XD). When Matt trying to be professional everyday, she is the one who's breaking the balance.

At first I thought I dislike Harriet Hayes because I don't like the way she talks, but now I think I have better grounds. This episode is awesome cause it tells why Harriet should not be together with Matt, she can't save Matt, she is screwing him up.
There's another "Save Studio 60" Petition up that has over 3000 signatures so far. You don't have to register for anything to sign.
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Gage Whitney, and Pirates of Penzance poster. I love it!

Yes, diehard Wingnut, and really missing it.

This show needs a chance in another time slot!
I will be sad if Studio 60 is truly cancelled. I love sharp, smart, fast-paced writing. Its a shame to cancel a show just because a person has to pay attention to the characters...
For some reason, I had taken this show for granted. It was a big part of my monday/tuesday nights. Talking with you about it was fun, it was such a good show. It is classy, classier than any other show on the air now. The show actually reflects itself. At the beginning, preggers was all about quality programming and she lost out, now that show about the paralyzed doctor getting back together with his assailant is on, so is the Black Donnelly's. This ain't right.
It should have been on HBO or Showtime. Every time Matt says "freaking" it makes me wish a better network had the rights to this show. ABC used that horrible laugh track on Sports Night, NBC ran Sorkin off the set of West Wing and turned the show into three seasons of crap (Alan Alda excluded), and they're going to kill Studio 60 well before its time. I know cable TV isn't perfect or anything, but I feel like maybe the show would have been given more of a chance. Oh, and this week's episode was great.
I am pis--- off big time it this show is cancelled!!! It is excellent, funny, provacative, touching...damn good entertainment. Obviously not to the dumb TV demographic addicted to American Idol and the shows really have a hard time in today's reality market.
I am pis--- off big time it this show is cancelled!!! It is excellent, funny, provacative, touching...damn good entertainment. Obviously not to the dumb TV demographic addicted to American Idol and the shows really have a hard time in today's reality market.
i love watching the show all the way here, in Russia. i wait for every episode with anticipation and enjoy every second of it. i hope it stays on the air.
I likewise won't watch the Black Irish guys in NY. I have no interest in crime dramas.

Well, not entirely true. I'm still hooked on Veronica Mars.

But I can't handle any more than that level of violence, thank you very much.

I'm crossing my fingers. But not very hopeful.

Ah, well, looks like it may be back to not watching TV.
Hope this is right:
Good show, really good series. Literally the only show I make a point of watching every week. I fear NBC will let it disappear, and what a pity that will be.
First, may I say I never watched West Wing and I LOVE Studio 60!!!
I'm a huge Matthew Perry fan and this character is great for him. The show is fast paced, funny and very intelligent. Sometimes it's hilariously funny and other times it's subtle. There are also great storylines!
I don't know about the rest of you, but I could do without all the CSI's, Law & Order, silly celebrity reality shows, etc. I'd much rather have more shows like Studio 60.
With that said, I plan to boycott the show they are replacing Studio 60 with. I alos plan to email NBC to tell them to keep Studio 60. I hope all you Studio 60 fans plan to do the same and let's try and save our show!
I can't help thinking back to another ill-fated show a few years ago -- American Dreams.

It was family oriented, smartly written and had characters that you just couldn't help but feel for. NBC gave it three seasons despite the so-so ratings but people just never got into it.

I'm convinced at this point that people just want dumbed down tv. Nothing that makes you think or relate to something real.

It is just so ironic that everything Jordan said in Episode One ends up being the reason for this show's demise.

Get ready for another siter pimping show.
A remarkable moment today...I wore my Studio 60 t-shirt to my health club here in orlando, Florida. Five people stopped me and commented on it! All of them saying they loved the show, and couldn't believe it was likely being cancelled. I wear unusual tees all the time, usually with quotes from Gandhi, or the like, and none has gotten the response this one did today. PEOPLE ARE WATCHING THIS SHOW!
i wonder whether there can be something one can do to encourage americans to watch intelligent shows for free. this is devastating.....
WELCOME FRANCES PEN!!! Amanda's baby girl was born today and all reports say she's doing fine!
(for -Sorkinite 4ever-)

For Sorkin fans that can get there, a workshop of his new stage play "The Farnsworth Invention" is about to open at the La Jolla Playhouse in San Diego County, California.

While TV land continues it's steady march towards wall to wall Springeresque drivel, live theater cherishes writers like Mr. Sorkin. If you find yourself suffering from withdrawl symptoms, as I surely will, try a drama or a comedy at your local repertory theatre. That's how I survived the end of Sports Night and The West Wing.

I just read a review for the Irish mob show. Guess what, the reviewer hated it too, and he saw five episodes. (I shouldn't say "hated", but the review wasn't positive.) Not that that means anything for the show's chances, as we well know that Studio 60 is a fantastic show not being given a chance, but it gives us reason to hope, right?
I agree with Segsig...we should all go to and watch the 4am miracle on monday at 10pm....and maybe, just maybe there will be enough traffic for nbc to notice and realize that they cant cancel studio 60!!
Please save Studio 60. I refuse to watch anything that replaces it. Chew on that NBC. Why is it NBC puts on great shows that get cancelled? Help stamp out reality shows!
My husband and I have not watched any tv show regularly since I can remember, until Studio 60 came out. We recorded ever episode and really have looked forward to it every week. We hope it will continue soon.
So the fans of hack & predictable teleplays will rule again. While oddly, I feel NBC has some of the best shows on all of TV this season, they are supremely gutless if they cancel STUDIO 60.

BTWAS for the Black Donnellys ( aka The Young & the Departed ) Crash was the worst kind of obvious writing. I like Guiry & Tucker from previous roles & I'm glad they're working, but anything Haggis is involved with will soon resort to banality & cliched insight.
For the amazingly ignorant person who took offense at the adjectival use of black in The Black Donnellys: it's from the appellation Black Irish. This refers to dark haired Irish. Look it up. If I want to ask for boots or pants or a pen in a store, am I allowed to ask for black or is that co-opted too?

Read a #%*@! book.
This could be our 4AM Miracle:
"The Black Donnellys" premiere drew only a 5.5/9 for NBC, came in 3rd.
after having watched "who killed the electric car" monday (via netflix) since S60 wasn't on, I wonder if NBC is doing the same thing GM did with the EV1.
WHY? why take it away from us? give it a chance. it's so much BETTER than everything else out there.
It's depressing.
...dammit. I look for my regular Monday evening Studio 60 torrent fix (hey, I'm a Brit with a S60 addiction) and... nothing. And I find that it's being shunted out of the way for what sounds to be a very dull show indeed. It's very bad news when a superbly put together show like Studio 60 falls by the wayside.

But, let's be realistic here, people - we were lucky to get what we did. Dwindling audiences, critics dying to stick the knife in and poor returns for the sheer colossal outlay that was initially invested in the show (although every once in a while, a shot of that outstanding set occurs that makes me as a viewer realise exactly where the money went - the first 40 seconds of 'The Option Period' being a case in point), not to mention that it was a show determined to be a critical thorn in the side of conservative broadcasting... Did Studio 60 really have a shot?

Yes, I want it back; yes, I'd like to see more of this quality television more often, in any format on any station by ANYBODY (not least Aaron); yes, I'd at the very least like to see the closure of this brilliantly paced season. But you only have to look at the amount of Seeders Studio 60 garners against shows such as Heroes, 24, Prison Break, blimey even Battlestar Galactica - folks, I think we're shouting at the wind here... A shame.
this episode was great!!! i wont watch studio 60's replacement!! i think studio 60 is the best show on tv!! the reason why some of the s60 ratings are low is because it is going up against csi: miami. i dont like that show but it very very popular and for nbc to put a new show up against a tv favorite is just stupid!! well anyway love Studio 60 love MATTHEW PERRY
The hope is gone, the love is lost, and bla and bla and bla... I just can't see this show returning, although we'll probably end up finding the rest of the 22 episodes on DVD, considered it probably will cost more to cancel the show now, than to produce the last episodes.
Hi I Live in Australia and TV networks here haven't picked up Studio 60, anyone know how I can get ny hands on some episodes... won't let non US residents dowload already aired shows?? Any help would be appreciated
This is the brightest writing & acting on TV, If true that '4 AM Miricle' is the last show, it's a damn shame.
Don't cancel the show!! At it's best it is the best show on TV (though I have been a bit dissapointed at some stuff--But that is because it has been so good!). I care more for these characters than any others on TV.
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