Monday, January 22, 2007

Studio 60 returns tonight!

Tonight Studio 60 returns for the first new episode since December 4th with the episode "Monday". This will be followed by both "The Harriet Dinner (Part I)" and "The Harriet Dinner (Part II)" These episodes will be, according to synopses, about "the beginning of the end" of the Matt and Harriet relationship. So for people who don't like this relationship, get ready for that!

There are new episodes continously until March-ish where Studio 60's timeslot will be filled by the new drama "The Black Donnellys" and Studio 60's placement will remain to be seen after that.

Sorry I haven't really been keeping up with this blog had a lot going on, and with no Studio 60 episodes airing it was hard to get motivated.

Yeah! It's back and am enjoying Bravo's marathon, but why no Cold Open?
The network's Matt goes on pills and that's romantic comedy?
See you.
I was surprised they had the Wrap Party instead of the Cold Open & the episode in which they kept having to cut in Live b/c they thought they stole material but then didn't. That was a good one.
So well written. Fabulous show! I just heard that there is some cancellation talk... tell me NO it ain't so! It totally ROCKS!
I think everyone will be pleased with the episode, I watched last night in Canada and it was really really good!
I loved tonight's episode! Jack trying to learn enough Chinese to communicate? Priceless! Lucy and Tom were so middle school! The bidding war for Harriet was awesome. Did Matt finally win it? Evidently, since the date is next week's episode. Danny's adolescent crush behavior is adorable. Jordan's hormonal pregnancy mood swings look really familiar to me! Jack and Wilson vs. the board of directors was very realistic. This teacher gives the episode an A.
Now we all know that Danny has an addictive personality, and now I'm wondering if his refusal to accept Jordan's rejection is the beginning of a stalker storyline? Or, at minimum, some level of unpleasant/sardonic/pathetic Danny harassment of Jordan? I thought I wanted them to get together, but she was pretty adamant about "No." What part of "no" didn't he get? Oh, the part about "I love her and I don't care what she says"...Not healthy.

Sorry, I don't think it's adorable. Now Harriet and Matt, that's adorable! Lucy and Tom, adorable. Even Jack trying to learn instant Mandarin - adorable. But Jordan and Danny, not so much.
I thought you had died.
does anyone konw what song was on the promo for this episode
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