Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Some spoilers

Some info on upcoming episodes from "Ask Ausiello":

Question: Please give me some Studio 60 scoop. I’ll give you a Scoopy Snack.— Lori

Ausiello: Big two-part episode coming up on Jan. 29 and Feb. 5 titled "The Harriet Dinner." Per my Studio mole, Harriet and Matt's relationship takes a turn for the worse, and thus begins Matt's downward spiral into darkness. Danny, meanwhile, manages to win Jordan over when the two are locked on a roof together. On the business side, Jordan is threatened by a new executive brought in to head up alternative programming, and Jack uses an unusual strategy to take on his board of directors.

If you ask me this seems like good stuff. I already knew about the new executive thing to some extent, as a while back they went casting for a Hattie Gallagher (I think that was her name) as a thirtysomething young executive to rival Jordan, but this is the first I've heard of where she'll be placed on the map. But I'm extremely interested in the prospect of "Matt's downward spiral into darkness." The characters of Dan and Josh on Sports Night and The West Wing, both had to deal with significant psychological problems over the course of the series, and that was honestly some of my favorite stuff in both series. And obviously anything Jordanny I like, although I do wonder if maybe this is all going a little fast (but then, who knows how long this show'll be on, anyway?)

Oh, and my apologies to everyone who tried to vote in the polls I kept posting and taking down. I tried about 10 different poll creating sites and every last one of them gave me a screwed up final product when I tried to post them. During Christmas break I'll try to figure it out more.

Have you tried That's who I use on my political blog and it works relatively well for a free site.
Speaking of Jack's "board", I'm reminded that in Nevada Day II he says he doesn't have a seat on the board. Ever since, I've been wondering just what the heck he's "Chairman" of? The network, you say, but that'd be President, which is Jordan's job. "Chairman" is never used in my experience other than with a committee or a board of directors. How could he be Chairman of the board of directors (which seems like Ed Asner's job anyway) and not have a seat on that board of directors?

It's a puzzlement. Assuming they just didn't pull a job title out of their rears because they wanted the relationships, the only thing I can figure (and here I'm stretching to try to help them out of what I percieve to be a continuity problem) is that Asner is Chairman of the parent company board, and Jack is Chairman of a subsidiary corporation board of directors that includes the NBS network. And that the subsidiary corporation BoD is just a rubber stamp and pretty much worthless in reality, and when Jack says he "doesn't have a seat on the Board" he means of the parent corporation board that *really* decides these things.

Anybody else got an alternative explanation?
The chairman of the board is not technically a board member therefore does not get a vote. He basically enforces board decisions.
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Ahh, I don't like your comment about how long the show will be on. Don't be negative! Other than that, great post.
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Well! Danny wins Jordan over when they are locked on a roof? Interesting ... doesn;t it remind you of a Moonlighting episode?? Wasn't there a heavily pregnant Maddie and a persuasive Bruce Willis?? Or am I just too old and senility is setting in?

Sarah Poulston is up for a Golden Globe! The show & the Pilot are up for a Writers Guild Award!
I kinda wish they'd taken longer to develop the relationship between Jordan and seems rushed, in terms of storyline. Sure they've gotta encorporate Peet's pregnancy but they can always pull the single mom bit while Danny takes longer falling for her.

As a side note, I actually thought that Danny and Martha would end up together. I know you don't like her Chris but hear me out. Their scenes together in the first handfull of episodes they're in have been amusing banter, both in the playful way from The West Coast Delay and the argumentitive way in B-12. The these two are great foil characters, and that's why I like their relationship. Oh well.

P.S. - if you don't know what a foil character is, go to wikipedia.


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