Friday, December 29, 2006

Poll III

Okay, I give up. I have tried, valiantly, to put up the third poll. I've tried dozens of poll making websites, and everytime, some how, it doesn't work. I'm throwing in the towel. Unless someone tells me a site that is actually reliable (the one I had previously been using for the other two polls somehow stopped working when I tried to make this one, and no matter what I tried, only allowed "Other" and "None" to be the two options) this is how we're doing it.

The question is: Which Studio 60 romantic pairing, potential romantic pairing or fan-created pairing is your favorite?

Here are your options!

So, just comment with your vote and I'll make some kind of running tally.

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Danny/Jordan is mine!

Danny/Jordan: 1

By the way, if I start seeing like a bunch of anonymous' all voting the same way in a relatively close amount of time... they won't be counted.
Matt/Harriet is my vote =D

Matt/Harriet: 1.
Danny/Jordan for me.

the tally so far:
Danny/Jordan: 2
Matt/Harriet: 1
Danny/Jordan for now.

Matt/Harriet is my sentimental favorite but it would be way too soon if they got together, so I don't want them to.
Current Tally:

Danny/Jordan: 4
Matt/Harriet: 1
Danny/Jordan : 1

Without question. Although I fear this hiatus will kill the show.

I like Danny/Jordan.
Danny/Jordan for me too

Danny/Jordan: 7
Matt/Harriet: 1

Yeh, I guess I'm not the only one concerned that the hiatus will be longer than expected. I doubt we will get a second season unless we get more than 10 emmies which I doubt! Though I'm starting to worry we might not get the whole of the first season! :(
Hello people!!! DANNY/JORDAN of course!!! (Sigh....)
Yep! Danny and Jordan!

STUDIO 60 Forever!
Gotta say Matt/Danny. Another great Sorkin hetero-male-life-partnership!
I'm with anonymous. If nothing else, Matt and Danny have better chemistry than anyone. With Tom/Simon coming in a close second.

Then probably Danny/Jordan after that. Though I wish they could have spent more time building up to his declaration at the end of The Christmas Show
Danny/Jordan :)
Danny/Jordan, which I've totally been plugging ever since the pilot! They're the best-looking two people on the show, in my opinion. :)

Sorry, but that's one HOT couple.
Matt/Harriet def. I love the confrontations and the differences between them, then the make ups :)
Danny/Jordan all the way! =D
Current Tally:

Danny/Jordan: 11
Matt/Harriet: 2
Danny/Matt: 2
Matt/Jordan: 1

As for the hiatus concerns, almost every show is on hiatus right now, so at the very least that should even up the playing field. Also, Studio 60 returns on the 8th which is earlier than a lot of shows, although with things like the Golden Globes and whatnot it'll be gone for a couple weeks before it returns for a long stretch of time.
Danny and Jordan - nuff said
Jordan & Danny
Danny/Jordan: 13
Matt/Harriet: 2
Danny/Matt: 2
Matt/Jordan: 1
Gotta say Matt/Danny.

I admit that Danny/Jordan is good and I just can't see Matt/Harriet no matter how hard they try to ram that pairing down my throat, but it still has to be Matt/Danny.
Danny Jordan ALL THE WAY.

Come Join Danny_Jordan.
Darius/Lucy +1
My vote is other "Other: Matt/Suzanne"

Here's why: We already know she's got a hero worship thing going on, but she's been messing with him over the last couple of episodes too. It would create all sorts of interesting tension if something happened.

It was hard to pick that over Tom/Suzanne, because I thought there was a hint that he liked her in TLLS, when he takes the hit for her. Oh well.

Chris, man, you've gotta figure out how to get the polls to work correctly. This is no good.

Keep it coming, I'm excited for Monday. Let's hope the ratings are on par with previous weeks.
Sorry that this is no good for you, Jeff, but I spent way longer than I felt like trying to get a working poll up. To no avail.

Anyways, tally...

Danny/Jordan: 14
Matt/Harriet: 2
Danny/Matt: 3
Matt/Jordan: 1
Darius/Lucy: 1
I can't force myself to buy the Danny/Jordan item, and he was kinda creepy in the last episode...

I love Matt/Harriet!

even though i know it's not gonna work, I love their interractions, the chemistry, the rythm...
Who cares about the love interests? I think that crap is ruining the show. Get back to the satire and political commentary. That's what I want from a Sorkin show. Oh, be funny, too; it is a show about a damn comedy show.

Good night and drive safely!
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