Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Poll II

What is your favorite episode of Studio 60?
(1-1) Pilot
(1-2) The Cold Open
(1-3) The Focus Group
(1-4) The West Coast Delay
(1-5) The Long Lead Story
(1-6) The Wrap Party
(1-7) Nevada Day (Part I)
(1-8) Nevada Day (Part II)
(1-9) The Option Period
(1-10) B-12
(1-11) The Christmas Show
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As much as I love The Christmas Show, I have to say The Option Period is my favorite. It's the one episode that officially sold me to the show. Granted I liked it, but I was only half heartedly watching and then The Option Period was the episode that hooked me.
Can I just register my astonishment that Nevada Day 2 has more votes than Nevada Day 1? Most people loved the first one and hated the second...
I'm actually at a loss as to why The Christmas Show is so popular? There's plenty of other good writing all through the series, and the reason I voted for West Coast Delay was the whole baseball bat business and a number of other great happenings in that episode.

Incidentally Chris, I view Nevada Day as 1 episode instead of deciding between part 1 and 2. I do that with lots of 2 part episodes in all series...they're both 1 story.

Right, but they're still two episodes technically and, personally, my rating for Part I was an A while my rating for Part II was a B- (and I honestly feel I was generous with the B-), I just thought that they set up a lot of interesting plotlines in the first part that just fizzled out in second. Just my opinion, but it was definitely one shared by a lot of people on the internet (take that for what it's worth) It's righted itself out now, in my opinion, as Nevada Day I now has more votes than Nevada Day II

As for why The Christmas Story is so popular, I don't know how to describe it but I definitely thought it was the best. Don't get me wrong I've loved 10 out of the 11 episode, but that one just sparkled. I do think the West Coast Delay was a great episode though.
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If anything, I'm amazed that the Long Lead Story has gotten any votes. For all the criticism that the early episodes got, I loved them all. All, except TLLS. Aside from Sting's Field of Gold and Simon realizing he's not James Bond, the episode was cold, empty and boring.
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hi, just wanna say i love this show and it's great the fact you created this blog!

i'm from brazil and we have a few fans here. warner already bought it, but they didn't start running it. soooo we have do download it.

anyway, keep the blog, great job!
btw: my english sucks. i hope you understand what the hell i just said.
Nevada Day 1 is when teh show really got its groove on.
wat a totally crapy show!

I was just checking to see if it had been cancled. I'm suprised it hasent.

Brain Rot.
I agree it hit its groove with Nevada Day, but The Option Period is by far my favorite!
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