Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Poll I

Who is your favorite character on Studio 60?
Danny Tripp
Matt Albie
Jordan McDeere
Harriet Hayes
Simon Stiles
Tom Jeter
Jack Rudolph
Cal Shanley
Jeannie Whatley
Wilson White
Lucy Kenworthy
Darius Hawthorne
Andy Mackinaw
Martha O'Dell
Dylan Killington
Alex Dwyer
Samantha Li
Wes Mendell
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just for completion's sake, why isn't Suzanne on here?

You can vote for her under "Other" if you like. I mean, at that point I had 20 names. I'll be honest, I forgot about her, but with "Other" that can be anyone I didn't name, and no one's voted for that apparently.
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