Tuesday, December 05, 2006

NBC to re-run "The Christmas Show" on December 18th.

NBC is going with their first rerun of the show since it's premiere, rerunning last night's almost unanimously loved "The Christmas Show." This can only mean good things as I'm pretty sure everyone's expectation was that there'd be no Studio 60 period until January 8th when it returns, this will give many people who missed it a second chance to watch what I think almost everyone agrees is the best episode so far.

yap! I do agree,so far that was best episode and I hope that every next episode will be so good and extreamlty exciting like this one and anothers before! yeah,r-run that's good cause "The Christmas Show" must see everyone! God,how I love this show!
Can anyone tell me why:

A) I can't watch the episode off the NBC site (Video Error all day long)


B) Why its not on iTunes yet?
i second the itunes question; what a great arrangement. brass ensemble music = <3

great episode too. and the first funny sketch of the season.
Well GOODY! At least we won't be TOTALLY without ....

Wait, what's the story? Is there another episode on the 11th, and then the Christas Story on the 18th, or nothing on the 11th? Is there a new episode this year?
Did you see this sorkin parody on CBS News.com... pretty hillarious- http://www.showbuzz.cbsnews.com/stories/2006/12/05/comedy_wuebb/main2230773.shtml
to the Anonymous who had questions A and B, I can answer B. iTunes works on a time delay, they usually put up the newest S60 episode by Wednesday the latest. I don't have cable and have been watching the whole series on iTunes since the beginning.

To the Anonymous who wonders why there's nothing else coming till January...well they've gotta film the episodes some time don't they?

Can't wait until January...I'm gonna be S60 deprived until then...boo

Most shows go into reruns in December b/c the shows go on hiatus around christmas time...The then come back and start filming new episodes after NY.
The NOLA music is now available as a free download over at the NBC Studio 60 site. :-)
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