Thursday, December 14, 2006

More award stuff

So the Golden Globe nominations came out today and... we didn't do so well. In fact, the only nomination was Sarah Paulson for Best Supporting Actress, which honestly came as a surprise if the big guns like Perry, Whitford, Peet and Weber weren't going to get nominations. That's still great for her though, and I hope she wins. But, we effectively got robbed I think (especially when you consider some of the other people/shows that got nominated) but that's how it goes.

Also, Studio 60 got two WGA Award nominations. Best Dramatic Episode ("Pilot") and Best New Series. Studio 60 is actually up against The West Wing for Best Dramatic Episode (The episode "Election Day, Part II" got nominated if you were curious) I'm going ot be honest, of the two, I'd rather The West Wing win it, just 'cause that episode was phenomenal and, blogger of this show or not, I'm a bigger West Wing fan than I am Studio 60 fan (and I'm a huge Studio 60 fan.)

Add that to the Satellite Award nominations for Whitford, Perry, Peet and Paulson we got at least seven nominations to keep an eye on.

So what are the rules for the Golden Globes? Is it for this season, or last season? If it's for last season, then I understand Sarah's nomination, but not for the show Scrubs. If it is for this season, why is Scrubs nominated when only a couple episodes have aired this year? When is the cut off date?

I'm telling you, NBC ruined this show's chance by over-promoting the absolute shit out of it.
*EDIT* I meant that I don't understand Sarah's nomination but I do understand Scrubs' nomination if this is for last season, but I do understand Sarah's nomination, but not Scrubs' if it is for this season...

I hope that makes sense...
This isn't a surprise. The Golden Globes have always, ALWAYS, been about what's vogue and who lobbies them the best. They have rarely accounted for quality, choosing, rather, to nominate and award the shows and people that the GG think will bring them the most viewership when their broadcast airs. We’ll do better around Emmy nomination time, because their system and nomination pool are far superior to that of the GG.
Hey guys, try not to be anonymous if you can't help it.

Anyways, Golden Globes don't base things off seasons, just years. This is the awards for everything that went on during the year of 2006. That's why The West Wing and Studio 60 can both have nominations because while neither existed in the same season as each other, they both showed new episodes in 2006.
Sorry, Chris M. about the anonymous comment. I posted about the Golden Globes lack of quality nominations. Thanks for keeping us up to date about the goings on of the show!
I"m sad that Brad is not up for either West Wing or Studio 60. He is awesome in both.
Agreed. For Golden Globes (and by the way, in my earlier post I meant to say tha both The Golden Globes and The WGA Awards work the way I described) they very rarely honor the work of shows that ended the previous season, and the Golden Globes have never liked TWW as much as the Emmys have, so I'm not shocked at The West Wing's lack of nominations (It did get some for it's final season for the 2005 awards anyways) but Studio 60's lack of any nominations but Paulson's completely flummoxes me.
I always think the Golden Globes are second place awards to give to shows that can't win Emmys. I'll be more interested come Emmy time.
Just out of curiosity, what is Studio 60 UP AGAINST in the golden globes? What are the other nominations. Because, you know, as much as we hate to admit it there may be OTHER TV shows in existance that are actually good. I can't think of anything other then Heros off the top of my head (primarily because I don't have cable), but just cuz we absolutely adore this show doesn't mean we can't admit that there's better TV.

I, of course, refuse to count *cough* "Reality" television, which by and large steals credit from shows that actually display creativity and inginuity.

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Hey, Came across this site with a great Studio 60/George Bush stay the course parody...

I dug it. Hope you do.
K, so if "Gray's Anatomy", which for my money is among the worst shows on TV, can get nominated for the Best Dramatic Series Golden Globe and not S60, then there's something seriously wrong here. Sorry if you're a Gray's fan, but I cannot stand the constant whining and pretty-boy posturing that passes for characterization on that ridiculous show.

Also, if you're going to nominate ONE cast member... Sarah Paulson??? She's been good at her one note and very good recently, but she's not my choice if we're only picking one. Steven Weber, anyone? Or, as my parents are convinced should have happened (and I agree, but I'd pick Steven Weber first), Bradley Whitford?
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