Saturday, December 02, 2006

Awards and Nominations

Well, on November 30th the nominees for the Satellite Awards came out. I'll be perfectly honest with you, I've never seen or heard of the Satellite Awards, but Studio 60 managed to get some nominations.

Best Actress in a Drama Series:
Sarah Paulson
Amanda Peet

Best Actor in a Drama Series:
Matthew Perry
Bradley Whitford

So congratulations to the four of them! And I hope they do well and the awards will be held on December 17th. Because it appears the Satellite Awards handle a broader spectrum of things, there's only so many TV nominations and basically only acting and series are what it could be nominated for. It's too bad it didn't nominated for series though...

In the meantime, on December 14th the nominations for the Golden Globes will be announced. Anybody have any predictions for who they think will get nominated? I'd say Perry and Whitford for Lead Actor, Peet for Lead Actress and Weber for Supporting Actor. What about all of you?

The way the Satellite Awards are set up, Supporting Actors in drama series (which Steven Weber would be considered) also have to content with supporting actors in a comedy series and a mini-series. Three categories all rolled into one, so it's not a big shock that Weber didn't get a nomination. He probably will at the Golden Globes.
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I can't tell if Perry's previous acting work on Friends will mean more or less nominations for him, Chris. What do you think?

I'd think that Perry and Whitford couldn't both be considered leading actors. I'd think that one would be leading and one supporting. I definitely think Peete will get a nomination, although, I doubt she'll win b/c there will be some bias resulting from her previous roles in crappy movies such as Saving Silverman.

I guess we'll see. I don't particularly care if any of the actors get nominated, I'd rather see the show as a whole get recognized with an award for best comedy. Or is it a drama?
I don't think there's the bias that you think there is. I mean, at least not for having made crappy movies in the past. Halle Berry won an Oscar and do you want to check out some of her past work? I don't think the Academy cares about stuff like that, everyone has done projects in the past when they were lesser known that are a little embarassing now.

Perry's other nominations probably won't effect him, but if they did at all it would be positively. He's been nominated twice for Emmys for The West Wing, and once for Friends and he hasn't won anything. As for the category, they'll definitely both be lead actors. Martin Sheen and Rob Lowe both got nominated (simultaneously) as Lead Actors, there's nothing wrong with having two lead actors in the show, and I think Studio 60 definitely has that. The Golden Globes, however, actually informs the shows about what categories there elligible under though, and there was an article which mentioned a lot of them and it included Studio 60. Perry, Whitford and Peet are considered the leads for that, the rest are supporting. But that's just for The Golden Globes I'm pretty sure.

And the show itself would definitely be classified as a drama.
I have to say, I'm a bit nervous. I didn't know there were problems with the show's ratings. I see it every monday and I love it. It's intelligent, it's funny, it's quick paced...can not understand why it's not doing well. It's a mystery and a shame. I hope they don't take it off the air. Mondays are the only day I watch television anymore...I love Heroes and I love Studio 60.
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