Thursday, November 09, 2006

What a Great Week to be an American

Sorry guys, I meant to post this when it happened last night but Blogspot wasn't working. So, the big news is....


Let us rejoice! NBC certainly made the right call, because the show just needs time to grow. It's ratings have been slowly showing a small upward tick, which means it's getting there. Plus, if there's any NBC show that has a chance to kick ass at Awards time (The Golden Globe nominations are in a month) it's Studio 60. So that is a big reason why it's a great time to be an American.

As for the other reasons, well... this is a non-partisan blog of course so I really have no idea what recent American event might make me bursting with happiness and pride. ;)

Good news, those are very good news !!
I believe that should be "Greenlighted" for an entire season.
Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah!

Sorkin has only been kicking it up several notches in the last few episodes, so my hope for the show, and *ahem* other things is bursting.
I don't mean to be a downer at this great moment, but has this news been confirmed? I did a quick tour of, and Yahoo TV News this afternoon and found nothing at all even hinting that S60 has been greenlighted for the entire season.

Believe you me, I'm a die hard West Winger as the rest of y'all, but I don't want to 'count my chickens' just yet...
Yeah, it's been confirmed by multiple sources. TV Guide, E! Online, etc.

And hey, I'm going with "greenlit." It's how I roll. & Enline are saying it was renewed.
I'm not a "winger" but I love this show and I'm soooo excited to hear the news.
NBC have officially confirmed it now too.
Official NBC statement at:

This kicks some MAJOR bootay! Hooray!
Yup. Now we just need to get it a second season!
great news~~`
Now I don't have to lead an angry mob against NBC anymore. This is fantastic!
I'm over the moon with the news. However I think it might be harder to get a second season than it was to get the full first season. Oh well, we'll see how the ratings are going by may.
As Josh would say... "outstanding!" (in that nasal, sick-ish tone).

And I join you Chris, in a "Day of Jubilee" over recent events which may not be relevant for this non-partisan blog. ;)
Here in Canada we get the new episode on Sunday night at 10:00. When they count the ratings do they include the viewers from the Sunday night viewing in Canada.
No, it's just the American ratings, 'cause the American advertiser's care. I'd imagine you guys get different commercials in Canada.
great news! It's one of the best shows on tv and deserves to live through the end of the season. I'm fairly new to sorken and I am slowly becoming a big fan. Kudos NBC!
As bizarre as this may sound, this news is, in my mind, an answer to prayer.

I'm a Canadian, a HUGE fan of all things Sorkin, and a Christian who believes that pop culture has more redeeming qualities than most of 'us' would care to watch for, let alone admit.

I love the fast-paced, witty dialogue, the romantic tensions and the star power the show attracts, but Studio 60 offers SO much more than that. Its many layers give viewers with 'eyes to see and ears to hear' the chance to think (imagine that) about our response to a host of issues. It also presents an empathetic perspective on the entertainment business and those working in it, whom I have tremendous respect and appreciation for.

OK, I'm getting off my soapbox now. I'm just really excited is all.

Cheers, and thanks for setting up and maintaining this site.
Where did you find this information at? AWESOME news! Absolutely love this show!
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