Saturday, November 18, 2006

SPOILERS: Christmas Episode information

Alright, not too much in the spoiler department but we do have information on episode 1-11 entitled "The Christmas Show." Apparently the main plots are Matt trying to bring the Christmas spirit to L.A. (interesting for an Athiest Jew to do, but hey, I'm down.) and Danny wrestling with his true feelings for Jordan. This last part I think definitely implies... something's going down with them, although still no definitiveness on whether or not Danny is Jordan's babydaddy.

That's all, sorry it wasn't more, folks.

Hmmm interesting...I dont think the comment about Danny "wrestling with his true feelings for Jordan" but I think it sounds more like he isnt the father of Jordan's baby: its just the way that statement is written it just subtley suggests that to me.
I'm really starting to think Danny isn't the father of Jordan's baby. Why would he have to wrestle with his feelings if he was the father? On the other hand, he might be wrestling with his feelings because he doesn't think it's right to date his boss, or something like that, and there's still no pregnancy involved. But c'mon! It's about time to bring on the baby history; Amanda Peet is looking too pregnant to ride for another two episodes... or more. This Danny/Jordan thing is really starting to confuse me, but I adore them.
Well, maybe he just had a one-night stand with Jordan with no feelings attached and now that he's going to have a child with her he really needs to sit down and think about how he feels. That's how I read it, but then I'm assuming he's the father. I guess we'll have to wait and see.
Danny and Jordan! So obvious!
Here's the evidence:
Danny already has a thing for Jordan. You can tell - based on him helping her w/the Nations show & then his conversation w/Jack over the last 2 episodes. Just a crush at this point but definately potential for more.

My thoughts are that she gets pregnant by her ex or someone else, & he is there for her during the debacle but doesn't feel right doing anything about his growing feelings since she is dealing w/enough OR he even tells people he is the father to protect her...
Who was the band that played at the end of the episode?
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