Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Small ratings uptick!

For the second week in a row the ratings are improving! Not very much (7.79 million viewers yesterday compared with 7.78 million viewers last week and a 5.0/8 ratings share instead of a 4.9/8 ratings share.) But still... let's take our victories any place we can find them!

Most have agreed that this week's was a pretty lacklustre episode though, so let's hope that doesn't effect anything. I mean, out of 8 episodes so far this was the first one I didn't much care for, which is more than can be said for most shows.

I completely disagree about it being "lackluster". It was slightly disjointed yes, but in a way it was a carry through episode. We just saw the beginnings of whatever there is going to be beteween Danny and Jordan, which in my opinion, is going to be the anti-Josh and Donna (if I may be allowed to say that!) You also saw Jack for what he is, a good guy, just doing his job... and doing it well. I am slightly reminded of the episode of WW when Bartlett is being a total and utter bastard to everyone and then, all of a sudden comes out of it as this lovely guy, who hires Charlie. Similarities abound... and there was also a parallel drawn, although inadvertantly, to the election just now...the "rest" of the country, really isn't as conservative and tight assed as TPTB might want us to think (here on the left or right coast)... all in all a good strong episode, but not "The Best". For the first time in weeks, I am really looking forward to next Monday to see what develops. Definitely a thumbs up ep.

Hey, I'm glad people disagree with on this, lol. I love this show and have adored every episode but this one, so I want it to do well.
I agree that Danny & Jordan are the anti- Josh/Donna. They are both way more direct & confident than Josh & Donna were. Its interesting to see Bradley play this role so soon after Josh.
Hello! I really like this blog, it's amazing and full of content. Well, I watch Studio 60 on the net because I live in Brazil and we'll have to wait months until the show arrives here (wich by the way I think it's never going to happen). It's nice to now that the audience is increasing, even though little by little.
I liked "Nevada Day - Part II", but I agree with almost everybody: there were better ones. Much better ones. And the Danny/Jordan scenes are still very few, but so lovely! Like when Jack tells Danny "i thought you hated her" and Danny smiles (a very cute smile, heh =D) anda says "no...". There's just a lack of action between those two.
Something I didn't like as a brazilian was the Brazil dialogue. I didn't understand it very well (S60 has so many dialogues and they are so fast that is hard for a foreigner to catch them), but "Do you know Brazil?" "The country?" was too much for me. Sorry.
See ya!
Three things:

1. More Cal.
2. Give me Danny/Jordan.
3. Jack has been redeemed.

I don't mind Harriet's character, which seems to be the opposite of many. It's Matt that's really starting to get on my nerves at times. I can't quite pinpoint why. It's a combination of arrogance, anxiety, and the fact that, for a comedic actor, he's not bringing the funny the way I'd like.

I wonder, though, given what happened with Rob Lowe on WW, if Sorkin is trying to avoid something similar happening with his star Matt Perry, and is appeasing him with storylines and screen time even as he gets upstaged by better actors (i.e. Bradley Whitford).

Okay, this was kind of an off-topic post, but whatever...
Steven Weber is CLEARLY stealing the show!!! I don't mind it either - he is EXTREMELY sexy!
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