Monday, November 20, 2006

Episode Review: The Option Period

Episode Rating: A-

A very good episode overall, although not really an impactful one. Kind of reminds me of "Evidence of Things Not Seen" for The West Wing fans, lots of good character interraction and good storytelling and yet no big plot devices or big momentous things going on... basically people going about their business. Plus, like "Evidence of Things Not Seen" it had a very isolated feel (it took place in the hour or so after the show wrapped), which I like in episodes.

Danny and Matt cracked me the hell up with their whole phone thing. Those two guys are great, I love them and I think Whitford and Perry have phenomenal best friend chemistry. Wow, I was just dying at those scenes. It's felt as if not as much had been done recently with them as a best friend duo and I'm glad that's coming back.

Interesting way to go, it looks like Ricky and Ron are gone for good? Makes sense to trim costs by getting rid of Evan Handler and Carlos Jacott who've been credited as main cast members when they're in the episodes and yet barely appear. How apropos that it happens while needing to cut costs in the show within the show too. I've had a feeling Ron was actually a good guy since 'The Focus Group' when Ricky tried to play off like he didn't remember what he said to the press about the Maher thing but Ron owned up to it, and I guess I was right.

As for Jordan's issues, I'm still not sure what to think but I really like her and Danny. I'm now kind of getting the feeling that he's not the father of her baby, because if he was I feel like they would have set it up more than they did. I mean, they're obviously setting up the Jordanny relationship but nothing to suggest that they're going to sleep together soon enough for it to make any sense that he's her babydaddy (I swear I'd stop using that horrible phrase if there were a quicker way to type it than that) if her pregnancy is supposed to come out next week.

No Jack. Sad stuff but understandable. There'd be no real way to fit him into this episode. It looks like my issue of how to involve Jack all the time is being handled. He's still showing up but just not all the time, but when he does it's with gusto. I'm fine with that if Steven Weber is, 'cause I love Jack but don't see him as as much of a regular as I do Matt and Danny.

Although even with this as the format he's still appearing a hell of a lot more than Cal. Cal usually shows up, but... seriously Cal! Be involved in something! I want a story arc for Cal. I also wanna meet his wife and kids. If Sorkin wanted to cast Allison Janney as his wife, that'd be cool too.

The lingerie stuff? Meh. Don't know what to think about it, I really think they made it a bigger deal than they needed to. I understand the Kristin Chenoweth parallels and how Aaron probably had issues. (And by the way, I saw that magazine spread. Niiice.) But as a C-plot it was fine. I enjoy Matt and Harriet tonight, I feel like that's more the style they should be doing. They only had one scene tonight and they were sweet. As opposed to every scene being with each other and bitching. I mean, couples bitch and I don't mind seeing it, but it needs to be the exception not the rule for when we see them. And I want to see them less (but I don't want them off the radar either)

Jeannie and Lucy both rock and deserve their own shows, but since I don't see that happening any time soon I love them as recurring characters.

Martha O'Dell back next week? *Le sigh.*

I freaking loved this episode. I missed so many jokes b/c I was still laughing at previous ones. I can't wait to buy it on iTunes and watch it several more times to pick up on the stuff I missed.

I think this was the best episode thusfar, and I really like how they made it work with so few sets. "Friends" was famous for making shows on one or two sets and it looks like it's working for Sorkin too.

Finally, I just have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the Rick/Matt fight. I mean, I didn't much care for the hatred, but I think more raw emotion needs to be injected into the show and I think that this is a great example of such an element.

I'd give it an A or A+, but then again, this isn't MY blog...

I agree with you, this was a great episode, the phone thing really had me.

With Ricky and Ron leaving, could it be possible that Joshua Malina join the cast as a nerdy writer for the show? Or would that be too much?
There's a recent article with Joshua Malina (about a role he's doing on CBS' Numb3rs, which funilly enough stars our own Wes Mendell: Judd Hirsch) and he's asked about him being on Studio 60, and JoMa claims he's already pitched AS about a possible guest role. His idea was that he plays a very unfunny actor on an NBS show, and since NBS wants to promote the show they (likely Jack) are pressuring Danny and Matt to have this guy host an episode of Studio 60. A neat enough idea, and it would be a switch from the typical nerd that JoMa usually plays.
I loved this week too. I am glad they got rid of some of the cast b/c it is too big to really care about all of them.

Well, it looks like Danny is not the biological father of Jordan's kid. I guess its the ex or she was artificially inseminated. I can't wait to find out. Also, Amanda Peet was SUPER pregnant last night. How far along is she? I wonder if she'll have a long maternity leave from teh show. I'll miss the Jordan/Danny interaction then.
I just watched episode 3 again. After Jordan spreads the good news about the ratings she grabs a glass of champagne but then doesnt drink it. I realize that this could be because of her DUI that just came out, but it could also be an early sign of her pregnancy...
I think she was drinking a beer last night. I don't think she knows she is pregnant yet.
FYI - I really like Christine Lahti. Her & Danny have good chemistry too but I'm still wanting Jordan/Danny the most.

Matt needs a new love interest.
I'm not sure why so many people think that Ryan (Jordan's ex) is her baby's daddy. She divorced the guy back when she was 25 and hasn't appeared to have a hell of a lot of contact with him since. Nor would her being artificially inseminated make sense. She could just be seeing some unimportant guy we don't know. Or I suppose it could still somehow wind up being Danny.

Hey, just a thought, anyway Jack is the father of Jordan's baby? I'm still on the fence about Danny/Jordan but I LOVE Jordan and Jack together.
I don't want the baby-daddy to be anyone we know. Its too soon & we have seen no build up.
Does anyone know exactly how the promos are gonna be dealt with by danny? the last conversation with cal wasnt very clear.
Yeah, wonderful episode! The phone thing was so funny, but I really laughed out loud when Lucy kissed Matt! =D
I'm glad Ricky and Ron left, I really hated them. Well, not them, just Ricky. Ron was OK.
And the Jordan/Danny scenes were lovely! But I agree, I don't think he ia the father of the baby, although I guess he has some feelings for her since a few episodes ago, and now she's starting to fall for him too. The "did you get my call" dialogue really got me. Man, they're going to be such a funny couple...
Harriet and the boys did OK... Heh. Not a big deal. Didn't like Harriet's plot either.
And yeah, bring us more Cal! I adore him too!
I also loved the conversation w/ "I called you adn then you called me and then I called you back, etc"
Danny: I left a message for you.
Jordan: And I returned that call.
Danny: And I returned that call.
Jordan: And I returned THAT call.
Danny: And then I left another message for you.
Jordan: And then I returned that call.
Danny & Jordan: What do you need?
Jordan: Let's go to the party.
Danny: I need to speak to you.
Jordan: I need to speak to you, let's do it at the party.
Danny: No, let the party to be a party. Let's do business and get out of here.
Jordan: Do business? What am I, from the Tattaglia family? [hahahaha]

QUESTION: What did Jordan want to talk to Danny about???? I guess he was the only one saying something new when they finally started the conversation. Maybe that's something about the pregnancy? Someone? I'm lost here.
This is the first episode where I've actually liked the idea of Jordan and Danny together. (I know I've been alone on that, but still.) It also seems to me one of the first episodes where Danny's gotten to come out of his "producer/all business no personality" persona. His character hasn't been developed enough for me - I can't hear his voice yet - but last night I heard it.

And I think there's been enough (very subtle) hinting that maybe Jordan and Danny have been sleeping together. Or maybe I'm just reading it that way because I know she's pregnant and that he's going to be involved in that in some way. Either way, if that's the way AS plays it, it wouldn't come out of the blue for me based on how they've interacted.

I like Harriet as a character but it's time for her to have a concern that's not religious. Surely there are more sides to her personality than that.
I don't think Danny & Jordan are sleeping together. Plus, remember that Monday's episode happened right after the Nevada Part II on teh same night.

Jordan was calling Danny about the budget cuts. Danny was calling Jordan to warn her about her impending firing from Jack.

I'm glad we got to see more of Danny the character as opposed to Danny the executive producer. We know that Danny is the one who basically takes care of Matt for the most part (except for his slip & ending up on Studio 60 again in teh first place)
anabia - jordan wanted to talk to danny about the budget cuts ... danny wanted to talk to her about her getting fired

I loved this episode. The kind of chemistry between matt and harriet in this episode is perfectly what i see their relationship as - professional, friendly yet with a lot of undertones. Jordan and danny have a great rapport. Got to see more Cal, so yay! Ricky and Ron are out, so yay! Now more power to Darius ... I'm surprised Sorkin hasn't used him much, because although he hasn't had much to do in the last 3 episodes, i thought he owned the little lines and screen time he is given. I'm probably a minority in this anyway.

Heh, matt-danny's phone bit cracked me up. More of their talks like in the pilot would be appreciated.
I didnt find thing that i need... :-(
Carrie-I thought about Jack being the baby-daddy also, however, Jack is married to a HOTTIE and it doesn't seem like their marraige is on the rocks. But it would make for an interesting situation.

More Jack please!
In Neveda Day (II) Jack did say something to the effect of being pissed off when he spends all day being screwed by someone other than his wife, implying he's faithful (obviously, that was just a figure of speech though, so who knows?)
The only thing that caught my eye was that the scenes were shot out of order. At the beginning of the show the clock showed 6 days 22 hrs and 33 minutes until the next show. At the end of the show, it was 6 days, 23 hours and 3 minutes. This is a mistake that could have been easily fixed. If they have a countdown clock it needs to be counting down throughout the entire eposode, not jumping back and forth.

I did enjoy the episode, but that bothered me.
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