Monday, November 13, 2006

Episode Review: Nevada Day (Part II)

Episode Rating: B-

This episode was very very "meh." I mean, it was still good... but meh. For starters, I was very disappointed in Tom's reasoning for speeding, as I said before, I was really hoping it would have nothing to do with Mark, since that was so the obvious reason. Also, I didn't really understand it, I mean... I knew it had to do with Mark being in Afghanistan and that it was something noble, but if someone can explain to me what it was that would be helpful.

Matt is just pissing me off sometimes. I mean, I agree with every thing that comes out of his mouth but I hate the way it comes out of his mouth. I did love "You wanna talk about it some more?" about paintball though, and the end with Harriet. The show's focus on Matt and Harriet is honestly not analagous to how interesting they are. I'd much rather see things about Danny and Jordan, who I think have better chemistry and never come off as anything but awesome to me.

Jack continues to rock harder and harder. He and Tom are neck-in-neck for the position of my second favorite character. Danny was awesome too, he's still sitting pretty as my favorite. CAL NEEDS TO DO MORE! I also love Jeannie.

But yeah, overall very 'meh.' And I mean, come on. "Oh, whoops! He said the ex-husband was bringing dishonor to your network! Not Jordan! Whoops!" That was just cheesy and lame. I really was hoping for better, definitely my least favorite episode so far. Not awful or anything. But yeah.

I believe that Tom was speeding to get to the base in time to see his brother off. They portrayed an awareness toward how serious multiple deployments can be, and so I assume that Tom was trying his best to find time in his busy schedule to see is brother, in case it might be his last opportunity to do so.
The reason for Tom not to mention his brother was, that he did not want to use him to avoid the speeding ticket. I did find the conclusion rather nice. As for the Chinese and the translation mistake, that was a something, were you should have a little background info. In china you do not apologize. I mean you do, but people with power don't. I bet the guy can speak english pretty well, but shows his higher status, by having everything translated through his daughter. That way, he has totally deniability, if something comes out wrong. For a high power chinese, this is the way to conduct business.
Show still deep in character development - think about what West Wing was like just 7 episodes in. Sounds like you're suggesting Aaron is just mailing it in - no way. The business w/Harriet & Matt will smooth itself out and vanish.
Tonight, though, Steven Weber had his finest career moment: "...fraction of a man".
As with so much of Aaron Sorkin's work, it is about a particular liberal axe to grind. I predicted it at I also predict that Tom's brother will buy it before October sweeps 2007.
Just to clarify, the liberal axe to grind is just-because-we're-against-the-war-doesn't -mean-we're-unpatriotic. Also, the myth that concerned citizens were sending body armor to troops who didn't have any.
This was also my least favorite episode so far. They telegraphed last week that the reason Tom was speeding was going to get him off and in case you missed it they did they same thing in this show.

I also think there was too much focus on the Harriet and Matt tension. They shoudl either get back together or stay firmly as ex's.
I'm with you Chris. This was so disappointing. There were still a few lines that made me laugh (more so than the first few eps), but the first part was so much better.
My love for Jack just keeps growing. His ahole status is solid, but he's still loveable. I loved that he showed some spine last night, and thought of people before the business.

After thinking some more last night (WW comparison...sorry!), I think this show could use a 'Donna.' We need a character, minor of course, that is new to the television industry. We need a reason for a major character to explain things that Joe Q. Public wouldn't understand about the industry. Being an avid Sorkin follwer, we can all understand at least SOME of what's being said, but when I watch with my parents they get terribly lost at some points because they don't know what all the terms mean.
You missed it about the ending, dude.

That was *exactly* how Asian people, with their concern for 'face', would have played that: "oh, silly me; I, the ditzy teenage girl, mistranslated".

Jack played exactly the right card -- though probably by accident -- and the other guy responded exactly as I would have expected.

Jack *rocked*.

And I agree with Jaman; we need Exposition Girl.

Anyone know what Janel is *doing* this year? :-)
Danny, Jack & Tom Rocked. More Jordan & Danny please. Less Matt/Harried as a "couple".
Hmm, alright, I'll buy the Japanese saving face theory. Especially as it's one I've been hearing a lot last night and today.

And I agree with absolutely everything the previous anonymous said.
I agree..a Donna figure is neeeded...however, I think that new writer guy might be used for just that purpose.
Oh. I was wondering who that guy was.

I missed the first 20 minutes of the episode, and will have to watch it on NBC once I get to a PC.
YAY for the slight upward movement in ratings!! I realize NBC wanted to hit the perverbial 'home run' with S60, but after 8 episodes, I think the show has found its true base of at 8M viewers every week. I do also think that if it were moved to another 10pm timeslot it might do much better instead of going up against the beast that is CSI - Miami.... I admit, that I usually Tivo one and watch the other 'live'.

As far as the content and characters of last night's episode, I disagree with our current moderator. Even though we knew the premise from Part I last week, the episode last night had a life all it's own... we learned more about Tom, the enhanced dialogue between the background S60 'actors' when they were rewriting the show, and FINALLY got some greatness from Jack. During the first few episodes, I thought Jack would be one of those guys I didn't like very much, but now he reminds me a lot of Lionel Tribbey from WW Season II (only we get a much larger dose every week). I suppose you could also draw a conclusion to Toby from West Wing in that Jack is trying to do the right thing, but his methods don't always immediately point out that fact.

To conclude, I admit that last night was not quite as 'cool' as Nevada Day Part I but there was so much more going on with all of the characters that it scores a B+/A- in my book.
I am LOVING Jack Rudolph. Seriously, I would be happy seeing MUCH more of Jack, Jordan, Danny and Wilson. Their storylines are so much more interesting.

I'm totally over the whole Matt/Harriet thing. In fact, I'm just REALLY done with Harriet. And they're having her in lingerie next week? Sorry, but put Jeanie in lingerie - that makes more sense. I don't know why they waste the time on sketches. I say nix the sketches.
Very sad...for the first time, I couldn't last out past the first ten minutes without falling asleep. Please don't suggest a "Donna figure" or I'll be asleep even sooner!
I cannot stand the Harriet character anymore, I´ll skip every single scene with her and to my sadness, I love Matt and he is the big reason that I´m watching the show, but that couple is over for me.
Have to disagree. While ND part II wasn't as good as part I, it was still decent. I think the worst episode so far was easily The Long Lead Story. One completley dull episode. I watched it and rewatched it to try to find anything good about it. But there really wasn't anything there. I'm just glad the storyline was saved by "part II", the Wrap Party.
Perhaps Darius will fill the Donna spot as the TV newcomer/exposition girl.
That might be, we're already on our way when Darius asked British Chick (Lucy?) about when or when not to call Matt, Danny and Cal "sir".

As for Long Lead Story.... personally, I liked that one. Some of it was iffy, but it was so far the only episode where I really enjoyed Harriet.
Like everybody else in this forum, I have to say that I am totally in love with this show. One thing that saddens me is how everybody is trashing the Matt and Harriet thing. I think that it is the greatest sexual tension I have seen scripted since Moonlighting. They are the Yin to Danny and Jordan's Yang (So subtle, but everybody gets it). Everybody is so busy seeing Matt and Harriet (and how could they miss it) that Danny and Jordon are able to go make out in a corner somewhere. Like Aaron's personal views or not (And I like them) you have to admit nobody puts ensembles together better than him. Who could have a least favorite character in this group?
Did anyone watch next week's previews? Who is getting fired? Some small character to build antecipation I am sure. Any thoughts?
Oh yeah, New Writer Guy.

Yeah; he can be Exposition Boy.

And Jeanine in lingerie? Yeah; I'm all about that. :-)
So, what; no one's commenting on "Musical Guest Jessica Simpson"?

Now *there's* someone I wanna see on the show in her underwear... ;-)
"Shepherd, Matlock--you're up. Let's go back across the street and administer some justice."

The only reason why this episode was not a complete failure.
Sorry...I just don't think I can take the "Jessica Simpson touch of death" on a show that has been my lifeline to sanity. Underwear or not...yish.
Bayllink said...

So, what; no one's commenting on "Musical Guest Jessica Simpson"?

Now *there's* someone I wanna see on the show in her underwear... ;-)
I see a lot of people complaining about the matt-harriet dynamic. While I didn't like the conclusion to this episode, I do like the awkward tension between them. They seem to complement each other well and perry and paulson seem to have a good rapport in the dialogues they exchange. I'd like to see more of the interaction between the two, but rather in the awkward nature than smoothing things over.

I'm with Chris though - More Cal! The paintball conversation was priceless.
I just want to register that if there was an episode featuring Jessica Simpson and Jeannie Whatley in their underwear, I would have no problem with this.
I'm still confused about Tom's speeding ticket. I get the fact that he probably got the ticket while trying to make it in time to see his brother deployed. But the question still remains: Why didn't he pay off the ticket? If he got it because he was trying to get somewhere, okay, I get that. But after his brother deployed, why leave the ticket delinquent? Why not pay it off?

I get that this show has its fantastic tendencies, but I think part of the ratings being as poor as they are is because things about this show are a bit out of reach. Because why in the hell not pay off a speeding ticket? That's what real-world people do. (Or at least should.)
And did John Goodman's judge character keep calling the Simon character "Sammy?" In part I, Goodman purposely used ignorant names for the Studio 60 group to throw off the Studio 60 crew. But in part II, the judge keeps calling Simon Sammy. Why continue with the racist tone?
I agree, the Judge confused me with all the "Sammy" stuff... as for Tom not paying off the ticket, I have a feeling he was being genuine when he talked to the cop, it really did slip his mind.
Anyone know the line that Jack said in the police station about getting screwed? It was something like -

"The only person I don't mind getting screwed by for more than a couple of hours is MY WIFE!"

I thought that was HILARIOUS! If anyone knows the exact quote, please post.
I liked it, it reminded me very much of the line from Pulp Fiction: "And Marsellus Wallace doesn't like to be fucked by anybody except Mrs. Wallace."
I have become a huge fan of Jack Rudolph aand I, too, got a laugh when he said that line about his wife. Speaking of his wife - are we ever going to see her again? Out of all the Sorkin-women I've seen on the show, she's the hottest. Her (Marilyn?) and Jeanie.
Are you nuts?? Danny and Jordon is SO BAD in EVERY regard; chemistry, would just be so horribly predictable and stupid!
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