Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Episode Review: Nevada Day (Part I)

Episode Rating: A

I liked this episode a lot. Considering the entire episode is apparently exposition for what's going to come next week, it did a very good job of remaining engaging and funny. It was possibly more engaging and funnier than the last episode, but I tend to give dramedic episodes more credit than ones that are just comedic or just dramatic, and I think this one tended to be almost soley comedic (well, besides the hoodlums who accosted Harriet. Those guys sucked.)

This was the first episode to really feature Jack as a star, and I really do like him a lot. Weber's casting was initially the one I was most hesitant on, and he's definitely proved me wrong. I've noticed that Jack and Tom have become fan favorites and I wonder if that has anything to do with them both playing major roles in this first episode back from the little break. I will say I'm definitely liking both of them more than Matt who lately has been getting on my nerves with all his righteous ravings. Although Danny continues to be unabashedly my favorite.

So... Amanda Peet is looking pretty damn pregnant. The more I think about it, the more I'm glad that they're writing in her pregnancy. Holding folders and whatnot would get silly after a while. She didn't play a big role in this episode, and I'm thinking the fact that Amanda's pregnant and yet Jordan isn't yet is why. By the way, speaking of not playing a big role in this episode, where the hell was Cal? Timothy Busfield was co-director of this one (I'm guessing one director handled the Nevada scenes and one handled the Hollywood scenes) so I understand that limits his ability to be a big player, but still... Cal was in the other episode Busfield directed and Toby was in the episode of The West Wing that Richard Schiff directed. Anyways, I missed Cal.

Tom continues his streak of rocking this and every other house. I'm glad they've fleshed him out more, and I have a definite feeling that this role will put Nate Corddry on the map, in much the way that Josh Lyman put Bradley Whitford on the map. I think Tom'll be the breakout character in much the way that Josh was on The West Wing (although, character-wise, Tom is much more of a Sam.)

Speaking of house-rocking, how great was John Goodman? I sincerely think that John Goodman has never appeared in any show or movie without absolutely *owning* that show or movie. I will say though that he really is getting... big. For Christmas this year I want one of my presents to be for John Goodman to go on a diet, so that we can have another 40 years or so of him kicking ass and taking names.

Jeannie hasn't done much lately, has she? I like Jeannie, lets have her do stuff (other than being the "other woman" in the continuing Marriet [Hatt?] saga) As for Simon, Jordan and Harriet? Y'all were great, keep up the good work. Jordan in particular I'm liking more and more, considering she was my least favorite when the show started.

So, yeah, lots of good things set up. Very interested to see how everything is tied up in part two (I'm also very curious about why Tom was speeding. I hope it has nothing to do with his brother just because that's what I assumed and I want to be surprised.)

in my mind this is one of the best episodes yet.

tom and jack both are becoming flush as characters, and i love the idea that matt is now out of his element, trying to hold down a fort.

"only one of us can screw up at a time, and i have a hunch it's gonna be me..."

can't wait for Part II!
ABSOLUTELY LOVE JACK!!! I'm so glad to see that you're having a change of heart in regards to him "chris m".

I hope they use him more!
I agree with everything you said about the show, particularly about Mr. Goodman completely owning the screen when he was on it (and even when he wasn't). I felt that the structure of the show (the flashback, the division of the two plot locations, particularly the cast hanging out in Matt's office) reminded me of classic SportsNight. Steve Webber is doing an amazing job, i think a career best for him. and Tom's great too.

I am getting a little weary of Matt's hair ruffling and trouble writting. I loved it in the beginning, but now i'm ready for him to beable to stretch his acting chops a bit more, and take the character into a bit of a new direction. I'm guessing bringing in a new writing staff once R & R leave will ease his pressure a bit. That being said, the "puppet master" scene was great.

i love this show. Hero's is a good show, but i think this is the best new show on TV right now.
I do love Jack, and Tom is going to be the father of my love child. Danny... only seems to be growing in these past couple of episodes, and he still hasn't really shown me who he is outside the studio yet. (Except The Puppetmaster, which I loved, BTW.) Of the "good" characters - ie. not Jack - Matt is the one I most want to punch in the face, but he's also my favorite in a lot of ways.

This show just keeps growing and developing, really hitting its stride. Characters' voices are starting to come in. Pretty soon (I hope) we'll get to see Simon deal with an issue that isn't race and Harriet with one that isn't religion. But as I was telling one of my friends, I need to learn to mess with the space-time continuum so that it can be Monday night again!
As I was watching this episode, there was something vaguely familiar abot it. Like I'd seen it before. And then it hit me. This was the pilot to the Andy Griffith show! Remember, Danny (Danny Thomas) Williams is speeding through Mayberry and he's stopped by Andy and taken to jail. Danny rants and raves until Andy locks him up. Then Opie shows up and Aunt Bea and Danny sees what a great guy Andy is, which is what Andy wanted to prove all along. Basically same idea. Also, the show was produced by Danny Thomas and Sheldon Leonard, who also produced the Dick van Dyke show, which starred Mary Tyler Moore, who had her own show with---Ed Asner! Aint' tv grand.
This was my fav episode thus far. I loved Jack's interaction with Jordan, Danny, the Chinese man & his daughter, the Judge, and Ed Asner. He's a great bad guy b/c he's not bad, he's just realistic in business. Jordan & Danny both grabbing the phone & Danny calling her mugsy was great. I love their chemistry. He also seemed worried about her when Jack said she isn't going to last long & he's going to have to fire her. Tom was FABULOUS. I find him to be a great character. I like Simon too. Matt is a good character too but not my favorite and I do not like Matt/Harriet as a couple.

I can't wait to see who they cast as Jordan's ex-hubby. Next week should be GREAT.
Oh Lord! I want so bad to be a real writer…
I love Studio 60 and I am a Christian. How awesome is this writing and story line. We look so often to our priest, rabbis and guides to find our “truths” and yet here is Sorkin… leading us through the desert and beyond the promise land. What greatness is this parable. Our life is bettered… enriched to see and experience how real fake characters live out this ideology. Steven Weber is under-rated and Matt P. (he lets me call him that) is in the role of his life.
This was the quintessential episode of what we (the “public”) love about this series/”drama”. HEY! NBC!!! Relax… it is solid, fun, inspired and sharp(“cutting-edge”) writing. Somebody needs to discover me!!!
Brilliant episode ... although when I saw the 'to be continued' I thought ... oh no!!!! I want more now!!!

Can't wait until next week!
TV Guide is reporting a full season pick up for Studio 60!!!! AWESOME!

Eonline is reporting the pick-up as well!
I'm so glad I found you all! I love Studio 60 and almost everything Aaron Sorkin has ever done. I'm thrilled to read it's been picked up for the season! Finally, kindred spirits. Best episode so far!
Loved "West Wing" and am trying super hard to love this too. Am very worried that the programme they are supposed to be making every week is just not funny....perhaps THAT will be cancelled and Studio 60 will go on!
Best line(s) of the show belonged to John Goodman:

Judge: Son, I'm going to pretend for a moment that I'm your lawyer and give you some advice.

Simon: Yeah?

Judge: Shut the hell up.
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