Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Continuing Saga of the Possible Continuation of Studio 60 (and spoilers)

Alright, so, on Monday night (as we all know) NBC ran a new episode of Friday Night Lights and gave Studio 60 a break, presumably to see how FNL performed in that time slot. Different sources have reported varying things, oddly. Some claim FNL got worse ratings than S60 did in that slot, some claim FNL got better, and some claim they were about even, either way what is clear is that no substantial difference was made (it's also noteworthy that FNL was up against a CSI: Miami repeat and did roughly as well as Studio 60 does against new episodes of CSI: Miami, likely working in S60's favor)

Following this NBC has announced it's schedule for November sweeps and Studio 60's scheduled for Monday nights at 10 all throughout the month. This, my friends, is a very good sign. So feel excited!

Are we out of the woods yet? Not even close... Studio 60 is still underperforming and I do think definite changes need to be made (both in terms of scheduling and production) if S60's going to have any long-term survival, but this is a start. Studio 60 remains the second highest-rated new show on NBC and that ain't nothing.

On another note, we've got some information on upcoming episodes...

1-7: Nevada Day (Part 1)- This is the episode John Goodman's guest-starring in. He apparently is playing a judge in Nevada where Tom is in jail. No idea what Tom did, but this sounds like a good one to me.

1-8: Nevada Day (Part 2)- See above.

1-9: The Option Period- Matt learns Ron and Ricky are planning to leave (and are taking the writing staff with them.) It looks like Evan Handler and Carlos Jacott might be casualties of budget cuts, and I can't say cutting them loose is a bad idea. Also Harriet toys with the idea of doing a lingerie spread in a magazine. Jordan and Danny also deal with budget cuts (likely a reference to something Sorkin and Schlamme are having to do themselves at this point.)

1-10: B-12- Jordan tells Danny that she's pregnant. Well, there's a mysterious little sentence, 'cause that could mean she's telling the father of her baby that she's pregnant... or she's merely telling the character she's closest too right now that she's pregant! Jordan Jr.'s paternity remains a mystery! Also Matt is forced to deal with his lack of writing staff (which confirms that R&R do indeed end up leaving and that the previous episode doesn't end with R&R seeing the error of their ways.) Oh, and everyone's sick.

So there you are, folks!

I have heard from a couple of semi reliable sources that yes, indeed she is telling the father of her baby... I really don't want them to go there, but whatever....

I really dislike that Tom going to jail sounds exactly like Celestial Navigation. There are far too many things in S60 already that either tie in with previous Sorkin work, or with real live people.
I have a feeling it won't be like Celestial Navigation, in that on spec I can't see much in common between Tom Jeter and Associate Justice Roberto Mendoza.

Also, I just wanna note that I'm really on board with Danny being Jordan's babydaddy. It's just more story, and I enjoy interpersonal ones, especially in this situation since I have no reason to suspect Danny and Jordan will be a couple. Sounds like a neat concept for them to work with on the show. Also a way to keep Jordan relevant, also stuff like that appeals to mass viewers.
Do we know why Tom gets arrested? Apparently, Jack Rudolph is the one who has to get him out of jail in the end. I love Steven Webber as Jack. He's the "bad guy" but sooo funny & he does make good business sense. I like that Jordan & Danny get closer. I find their chemistry insteresting but don't want them TOGETHER just yet. You can root for them if they get together right away. They have much better chemistry and are more interesting to me than Harriet & Matt.
Sorry, Chris, I'm just not buying Danny as father.

Unless we get some SERIOUS development between the's just that, yeah, they've got a little sexual tension, but who doesn't? I don't know, I just haven't seen enough interaction between the two that would say, "oh, they're sleeping together." or did, once, or whatever.
I agree I don't think Danny and Jordan should be dating right now, nor do I think they are. But... you can have a random one-night stand with someone who until that very night you had nothing but moderate sexual tension with. Stuff like that happens. I am a Jordanny shipper but I don't think they should put them together just yet, they should try to work out the raising of the baby and yet remaining employer/employee, I think that would be a very fun dynamic that I haven't seen to well explored. And during all this we can see the continuation of their getting closer together.
Please please please don't cancel the show - that's what's going through my mind when I read about the upcoming episodes. This show is awesome and the actors are more than that, the writing and timing is so good- well I guess I don't have to tell you that, since you are already watching. I do hope NBC comes up with something good to save this show.
Budget cuts could be the cruicial element to the show remaining on the air. Like mentoined in the post, the show is the second highest rating new show on NBC. The problem is it costs way too much per episode. They've mentoined rebuilding the studio several times before in the show. Maybe this could be a legit excuse to downgrade to a smaller, less expensive set. If Studio 60 cost less to make, NBC could keep it on the air for at least till the end of the season.
I am greatly relieved to hear that it is on the schedule for a few more weeks anyway. My husband and I LOVE this show. It is smart, funny and thoroughly enjoyable. I haven't watched network TV in years. Numbers, shumbers. If NBC cancels this show... well then.. they're just... big... dumb... jerks.
Maybe Jordan gets pregnant and Danny comes forward as the father to cover for her w/the press.
I'm in Europe, been watching the show via torrent downloads (sorry, NBC). Admittedly there have been some dud moments, but still this series shines, it has the Sorkin stamp on it and superior to much of Seasons 5-6-7 of TWW. The most recent episode, #7, "Nevada Day" is a return to form - as good as any so far, if not better. You can't help wondering if Sorkin knew the backlash would set in right about now and turned up the heat accordingly. I hope the show sees at least a season before it's killed. Perhaps a re-scheduling to Sunday night or better (as TWW was originally) would help..?
i love the show, i hope it stays
I'm also in Europe and I must say that I find this show amazing ... just found your blog and thanks for all the information!!!
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