Saturday, October 28, 2006

Three New Scripts ordered, and other topics on S60's survival

NBC has ordered three new scripts for Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, presumably to help aid in their decision on whether to sign the show for a whole season. A lot of shows this season and last have had that happen to them, and the good news is that this usually leads to the signing of a whole season. Still some new shows on the Big 4 have already been signed to a whole season (NBC's Heroes, CBS' Shark and Jericho and ABC's Ugly Betty and Brothers & Sisters) but these are shows getting phenomenal ratings.

Heroes is the only show for NBC (and the fate of NBC shows are the only ones that really need to be worried about, because they will determine if S60 stays) that has been signed to a new season, and is the only breakout hit for them. Studio 60's ratings are actually the second best of new NBC shows. Friday Night Lights, 30 Rock, Kidnapped and 20 Good Years all have worse ratings and Kidnapped and 20 Good Years are all but cancelled. This bodes well for Studio 60, as when you compare those comparative ratings, mixed with likely award show buzz, mixed with the relatively good demographics S60 gets, you have fairly good odds of survival. Besides NBC has a lot invested in Studio 60 and they might not be too keen to get out.

However, obviously these ratings aren't good and something needs to be done. What concrete changes (cast, timeslot) would you suggest? Personally, I think the show needs a major timeslot change. Heroes is a good show, but the kind of show Heroes is doesn't (in my mind) really lead into the kind of show Studio 60 is. I think The Office would be a much better lead-in (and this was their original plan) if that can't be mustered than I might suggest it get moved to Tuesdays where there isn't a hell of a lot going on right now. But what do you all think?

In Canada we get S60 on Sunday nights (before you folks down south!), which is perfect. I don't imagine that plays nicely with "Football Night in America" though.
Well, I think there needs to be some definite cast changes, and there needs to be a central plot that could carry on through the end of the season and into the next one.

In terms of cast, I'm not sure what can be done. A while back someone had remarked that WW had relatively the same number of cast, and the viewers had no problem keeping track of who was who. Yeah, but in the beginning there weren't as many characters thrown in our face. We have 8 or 9 characters (depending on who you count as important) who are in each episode. I can't remember all of their names, and I still don't understand why we should care about them.

Unfortunately, the characters who I think as the weakest links (Harriet, Jordan) have the ONLY plotlines which would make it extremely hard to get rid of them. Even if Harriet disappeared, Matt wouldn't just forget about her. In retrospect, Sorkin was taking a big gamble with all the history Matt and Harriet have. Josh and Mandy had history, but it wasn't nearly as fleshed out as this.

I have a sneaking feeling that the pregnancy is going to become a/the continuing plotline into the next season (if there is one). Even if Sorkin did it REALLY well, it's still not very exciting, or even good. Pregnancies have been done. They're part of everyday life. Part of the reason that I like his writing is that he chooses to write about things that the general public DOESN'T know about. Behind a sports show, entertainment show, The White House, etc. We get to see inside something extrordinary, and the people who make it happen. If the pregnancy was a side plotline--something that is affecting how Jordan interacts in this mystical world, that just makes it more exciting--but if it's the main story, that's just lame. And, from what we've seen so far, there isn't much else out there.

Come on, Sorkin. You can do it. Just pull a miracle out of your typewriter. You've done it before. Your characters have done it before. it now.
Love the show, and I own Sports Night's DVD set, loved the WW, and own both the American President, and A Few Good Men. So even as a moderate-to right leaning guy, I really like Sorkin's writing. I take it for what it is: Mass media entertainment. And when thought of in that respect--it is among the best mass media TV has to offer. It's not HBO or Showtime--Six Feet Under, Dead Like Me, Soprano's, Sex and the City, Entourage, etc., were or are all great shows. But it's still very compelling, as is Lost, and 24. If it were on HBO, I think the show would be that much better. But it is good as is.

That being said, if I could choose one Sorkin show to be on TV right now, it would be Sports Night. I really cared about all the characters, and I really love Guillaume and Krause as actors. It ended way to soon. I think S60 will end up being something I care as much about as SN. It's way to early to care THAT much though.

Not only is Heroes a bad lead in for S60, but I just don't see it as a 10:00 show. A majority of the people in the upper end of the 18-49 demo are probably not staying up until 11pm. Which is why I think viewership drops in the 2nd half hour. Those people are going to bed, not switching the channel.

As far as their original plan to put the show on Thur. night, it still won't be happening. Scrubs and 30 Rock will be on at 9 and 930, respectively, followed by ER.

Here's to hoping that NBC won't make the mistake ABC(???) did in canceling SN. I am 27, and was in hight school when SN was on, so honestly, I watched it on DVD, not when it was on the air.
NBC's only problem with Studio 60 is that it is PERCIEVED as this major flop. They hyped it so much, and because it hasn't gotten the ratings they expected, it's making all the lists of shows that have "bombed", even though the ratings themselves aren't that bad.

I think for sure it needs a new timeslot - I like Tuesdays, but if they move it at midseason then the'll be setting it up for failure against American Idol. I don't know what they should do. I love the idea of putting it with The Office, or putting it somewhere in the 9pm hour. All I know is, NBC's not in a position where they can cancel a show with even mediocre ratings. There is nothing in their library to replace it with.
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I agree, the Office is a perfect lead in for Studio 60. I would imagine the audience would be very similar for both shows. They just need to find a place for them. S60 also needs to be brought foward earlier, 10 is way too late.
Without question it needs a timeslot change. I don't think ER is doing well enough to be counted out...

I suggest everybody read this:,2933,226092,00.html

As the article states, the episode order seems to be more of a contractual thing. "Heros" receives over 14 million viewers each week and nearly half of them are lost at 9:59.

I agree that a timeslot change might be good, but 1) the viewers may not migrate with the show and 2) I don't think NBC needs the show so much to rearrange itss schedule for it.
I'm not going to believe anything coming from FOX News without confirmation from at least a couple others sources. The writer stated that he didn't like the show, so it's not exactly just a "news" blip...much more of his opinion than necessary.

Is the show in trouble? Absolutely. Is it canceled right now? I really don't know, but I'm going to say not yet.
That's funny that the last blogger mentioned the 10 pm Sunday airing because i thought the same thing. Time slot can be the difference and going up against my favourite show CSI Miami makes it tough on my second favourite show Studio 60. I LOVE THIS SHOW and really missed it not being on tonight. NBC if you're reaing these Please DO NOT CANCEL S60!
I loved MAtt Perry when he appeared on the West Wing in season 4 I think it was and his combination with Bradley W is brilliant. Tommy and Aaron are Matt and Danny - brilliant, clever and relevant. This show has an amazing cast, great writing and beatutiful directing - it's gotta stay. BTW I also like you can continue with the the West Wing drining game with the the writing of S60. Take a shot of yor favorite hooch every time a character says "ya" and see who crashes first. KEEP S60!
This is a wonderful show - I hope it sticks. The time pairing with Heroes is an odd one, hopefully this can be remedied. I can understand the loss of viewership between the two just based on content and target market. Nevertheless, Studio 60 is a breath of smart air. Here's hoping it stays!
For the Fox news article, I'm not going to trust any news source that misspells "imminent" and "cancellation"
The FOX article ends:

"Oh well: I hope Regis is warming up the holiday edition of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire." We're ready!"

Yeah, just the type of thinking that the show is trying to change! Go figure he thinks cancellation is imminent. The fact that breaks the story, and not, say, or "real" entertainment sites, is something of note.

I agree with the fact that this is in fact one of NBC's stronger new shows. I think they are taking the week the weigh their options and make a push. Studio 60 retained their audience and grew slightly from week 5 to week 6. Maybe now that the bleeding as stopped, the audience will grow into the one NBC and S60 needs.
Why is it, when you sit down to a show that makes you feel like a kid about to be given the keys to the candy store, that THAT's the show that's in danger of cancellation?! In fact, I'm still amazed that West Wing -- which made millions of us feel the same way -- wasn't cancelled "out of the box!"

Aaron, I naturally have no idea what you "owe" NBC (i. e., why you apparently had to put S60 on their network), but, as a handful of other posters have alluded to: if you don't have HBO's number (or Showtime's), I'm sure they're in the book!

For now, let me simply dream about four years (at least) of Matt and Bradley and Amanda and Steven and D. L., et. al., on either of those cable networks!
Its over guys.

One of my friends, who goes to church with me, works for a cable network in nashville. She has contacts at NBC. Apparently the VP there hates the show and Sorkin (maybe Jack is based on that VP) and since ratings aren't great,they are pulling the plug.

Maybe it will get shopped at HBO or something?
This is the first show I've been excited about in a long, long time. I haven't followed previous Sorkin shows, but will definitely check out SN and WW on dvd based on some of the other comments.
I'm disgusted with the general lack of quality programs available. How is it that Desperate Housewives, The Bachelor, etc. etc. can enjoy longevity with such barfy content? I was really taken w/ the characters on S60 right away and catching the seemingly inside track on the world of their late-night comedy show.
I agree w/ the timeslot issues and would LOVE to see it paired w/ the Office (the only two shows I even follow these days). Agreed 10 is late, but will continue to watch long as it's on, regardless of time slot.
I really wanted to like Studio 60, and overall I do. But it's also a forgettable show. It has no real point. While Matt Perry's acting is beyond brilliant, and Brad Whitford is great, as usual, their characters are not. As written, they take themselves too seriously. Someone said it's Aaron Sorkin's revenge, and that's how it plays. The plots plod.
After and entire sublot revolving around the concept that quality shows should be on networks, and not cable, I'd imagine a Sorkin move to HBO is unlikely.

After SN, and S60 (if it gets canceled this season), if I were Sorkin, I'd stick with movies.
I suspect that Heroes is not a very good lead in to S60. While the target demographics might be the same for both shows, I think that very few people would actually watch both shows. A time slot change would probably be a good thing. It would be interesting to know how the show does in Canada in it's Monday night time slot.
Sorry, I ment "in Canada in its Sunday night time slow" - a date error and a spelling error :-(
jaman, There were this many characters in TWW right from the begining as well. Josh, Toby, Sam, CJ, Mandy, Leo, Potus, Donna. S60 really has 8 as well: Danny, Matt, Harriet, Simon, Tom, Jordan, Jack, Cal. I think it's interesting that you say you have more trouble keeping track in S60 than in TWW becuase the S60 characters really have more different defined roles. We have 2 EP's, 3 comedians, 2 network execs, and 1 production guy. In TWW, we obviously had the president, but besides that we're talking about basically all senior staffers at the white house. Clearly, their jobs had some distinctions, but really, most of their plots were fairly interchangable. I do agree though that by this point on TWW we had much more inividual, fleshed out characters. Maybe it's actually because they were so similar in their situatioins that Sorkin was FORCED to seperate them through distinct, strong personalities, instead of relying on their different roles like he can to an extent in S60

I also found interesting what you said about not wanting to see more about aspects of life that we know about but wanting to see more about behind the scenes at S60. Much of the critisicm that I've read has been the opposite--that Sorkin focuses too much on what goes into making the show and not enough on the relationships and normal conflicts between people. I think what has made previous Sorkin so good is the way he has found the balance between these two things--he has given us people who go through things that we can relate to and allowed them to do extraordinary things. I'm really really liking S60 so far, but I don't think he's quite there yet with getting his characters to have EITHER of those two qualities.

Hope I've made at least a little bit od sense.
yep, it's in the wrong time slot. have a different leadin. heroes has a very different audience, and studio 60 might be a lot better maybe on thursday nights, say 9pm? let people build up to. putting it on at 10pm mondays means that you have a lot of faith in the show. it's a new show, and there's not a lot of faith to go around in tv these days. let the audience get used to the show, and if you're going to write a show about sketch comedy, do something to make the sketch comedy actually funny. the writing between the characters is great, although the show is becoming too much about the relationship between harriet and matt. make it about the show again, and about how they are bringing the show back up to being good again, and about how they're all working on their own careers. there's a lot of promise here, so it's useless to cancel it, NBC'd get more for their money if they just take a couple of weeks to fix it.
I love 'Studio 60'. I haven't been a fan of television for a long time. Mainly because the material on the air is flat out dogshit. 'The Office' is a great show (although not my bag of tea), 'My Name Is Earl' is awesome (I'm part of the Kevin Smith world and I followed Jason Lee in from that), I LOVE SNL. Been a fan for years and I'll follow that boat to the bottom of the ocean if that's the case. But all these 'Deal or No Deal', 'The Bachelor', 'Who Wants To Rape My Mother At Church'. I hate that crap. Where's the writing? Where are the brains? These shows are as cheap to produce as child porn in Tijuana. That's why the networks practically ejaculate all over them.

I think it's sad that networks aren't willing to spend the time and money necessary to allow the development of a GOOD show, as opposed to some braindead croc of shit where the premise is always the same. Put 5 or more hungry animals into a small space and throw in a piece of meat.

I am a writer and a director. I currently work at a production company run by an individual, that although good at heart, loves the cheap and easy nature of a "good" reality show. It should be abundantly clear that these game shows and reality shows are the robots that replace television writers and directors the way they replaced workers in automobile assembly lines.

I'm bitter about this because I love 'Studio 60'. This and 'Heroes' are the only shows I've been excited about in years. I just hate to see quality television go the way of dinosaurs. Before you know it, we'll be watching reality MOVIES. If that day comes, please take turns kicking me in the balls, two at a time.

Take care, all.
I liked the first few episodes, but the time slot is too late. It would be great if moved to a 9pm slot on Tuesday or Wednesday. Don't cancel this!
I haven't regularly watched a network show in years, but I've been making time for S60. I think it's brilliantly written and acted. It's smart, funny, and moving. If we've truly seen our last episode, it's a great shame.
To the anonymous who replied to me :D
First, you made perfect sense.

I should have added in my original post, but I forgot...but not all the WW characters were main characters right from the get-go. POTUS and Donna certainly weren't. I doubt that I'll have much problem learning the characters as the show goes on (if...), but, I still don't think it leaves much room to add more characters. Sorkin keeps introducing little characters, which he is GREAT at, and I'm becoming more fond of these than of some of the main ones. I really like Suzzane, and I also adore Martha.

I'm not quite sure how to respond to your other comment. Looking back at what I wrote a few days now, I still agree with it, but I also agree with what you wrote. Maybe I'm just not liking the WAY Sorkin is portraying the studio life, and I'd be more interested in seeing other aspects of it...? There really needs to be less sketches in the show, though. Oh, boy. Lots less of those. Or--they need to be witty and clever and everything good.
I've seen others make comments about the sketches, and I have to agree that they do not work well. Either they need to be scaled back, or they need to be a lot funnier to carry the impression of Matt's skill.

If there isn't already, it would be well worth getting a comedy writer or two on the show to produce the sketches so that Sorkin can focus on the banter he does so well. Banter does not equal sketch unfortunately.
I don't understand why NBC is not promoting this show at all yet is promoting all the other shows - even the ones doing worse. I think they need to focus on viewer retention right now & that go all out to obtain new viewers mid-season. Many shows flouder in their first season but last for years afterwards.
While I loved the first episode and thought the second episode was ok, I was backlogged on my DVR for a few weeks and then lost interest. I liked Matthew Perry and appreciated what the show was trying to say but I just didn't care - about the characters, the plots and the overall show. My guess is that many of the viewers the show lost feel the same way.
I agree with the Tuesday time change, I think a 9:00 spot would be good for NBC to make a bit of an anchor for Friday Night Lights.
Aaron Sorkin IS a proven commodity, and Law and order has the 10:00 follow up. I like FNL, but it's too early to care about the cast members.So far the wrting is entertaining. The networks need to give a little nore time for development. S60 needs to make it more about the prople and the power involved than the little bits of skit thrown in. That should be a part of the back drop.
PLEASE...Give me something to watch on Tuesdays!! I love S60 but would not mind seeing it moved considering the boring crap (dancing with stars) that is on that night now!!
S60 is the best new show on television, bar none. But, it is obvious that NBC is intent on dumbing down its programming. The recent announcement that the network will layoff 700 people, close down the MSNBC Secaucus (N.J.) offices and not schedule any sitcoms or scripted dramas in the eight o'clock hour is a sign that it has given up. The network's executives are blaming everyone except themselves for their fall from grace. It's all about the choices they have made. They changed the day and time slot of S60's "parent", The West Wing, essentially burying one of its stalwarts for an entire season. While it is true that it was a poorly kept secret that the long-time favorite was ending its historic run, the network would never have exiled Friends, Will and Grace or Hill Street Blues to the refuse pile of Sunday television. As it is, their slotting of S60 on Monday nights opposite football, is the type of decision made by executives looking for disaster. S60 should be scheduled as an anchor show, appointment television.
I agree though I think since 30 rock and 20 good years are going to be canceleed the best time slot would be for Wednesdays replacing the gambles that are 20 Good Years and 30 Rocks which I also watch but find a little bland, too bad because Joh Lithgow is a comc god and needs the right show for his style.
move it to either Tuesdays or Thursdays and there will be civil war in my house. We are already double-booked, both nights, at 9

guess who
I LOVE this show and make time to watch it no matter what! However, I think there are probably a few better time slots for this one... Monday nights at 10pm is difficult - it goes against Monday night football, which I would guess pulls a lot of the viewers away. My boyfriend is a sports broadcaster, and he loves the show so much he switches from MNF. But that is a stretch!
I agree that Tuesday after The Office would be great! As long as it stays on the air, I will be watching!
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