Saturday, October 21, 2006

SPOILERS: Amanda Peet's pregnancy WILL be worked into the show

By now all fans of the show know Amanda Peet's pregnant, however the majority of us likely figured her pregnancy would not be worked in. We'd be wrong, as E! Online has reported that not only will the character of Jordan be pregnant, but that Danny will be the father which pretty much is confirmation that they're going the Jordan/Danny route (not that it wasn't obvious before.)

Other new spoilers include pop queen Jessica Simpson guest-starring as the musical guest in an upcoming episode, and West Wing-vet and all-around cool actor John Goodman guest-starring (likely not as the host) in an upcoming episode as well.

All in all, some really exciting information! I'm looking forward to it.

Can you please give us a direct link where it was confirmed? Brad only hinted that as a father he knew how it could be done. There has been nothing official.
Yeh. I heard it was going to be worked in by numerous sources but none so far have confirmed Danny as the father. It would be interesting if it was though!
The only 'confirmation' on Danny being the father is some 'cryptic clues' from Whitford. And I'm inclined not to believe them as there's no way he'd give away a plot point like that. Personally I'm not expecing the father to figure in a major way. I wouldn't be surprised if Jordan went to a sperm bank actually.

And no, John Goodman isn't playing himself. I think that's a good thing, it's better if you get 'names' to play fictional characters.
They were definately playing w/a Jordan & Danny pairing in the last few episodes. There is a spark. Now, it would be interesting if Danny was the father. However, having her be pregnant by someone else & still develop a relationship w/Danny might be interesting too.

I really hope Danny isn't the father. If they're going to do Janny/Dordan/whatever, it would be much more interesting if Danny wasn't the father, or if the baby was the product of a one-night stand. I think it would be show suicide to have them enter into a relationship now. We just don't know them well enough, not to mention all of us who will wait with baited breath for them to get together *grin*
What if Matt had a one night stand w/ Jordan & she got pregnant but Danny was the one in love w/her?
That could work, but I'd really rather the pregnancy/baby didn't become this huge thing in the show. I'd *gulp* want to see a "Friends" pregnancy, where the baby shows up sometimes, but doesn't become the entire show.
I can't believe anyone thinks there's been even any hint at a "spark" between Jordan and Danny.
That's my problem, too.

Matt and LG had more chemistry than everyone else on the show, and how many scenes did they do together?


It's terribly disappointing that she came on the show as herself. She would have been a perfect addition to the cast.
At first I thought that Jack would be the father. You know, the whole "Jordan sleeping her way to the top" thing. But then I saw the woman who plays Jack's wife. Who would cheat on that? She's HOT!
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I don't know who the father will be, I don't think it will be Danny but it might be. I think it would be more interesting if it wasn't his kid because of the connection they have. Danny totally luvs Jordan and it would be more interesting if it made him really jealous.
I think the new writer is awesome... and i loved how the one skit they got on the air couldn't go through so they all spit on the still healthy Hariett
I think it is really cool that they worked thereal life pregnancy into the show it seems that it will make the show even more interesting
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