Thursday, October 26, 2006

Episode Review: The Long Lead Story

Episode Rating: A-

This was a very good episode, and I remember at the time this being my favorite episode so far (obviously I'm writing this after The Wrap Party) so this has since changed.

I really liked Harriet's backstory and the depth given to her in this episode, and I thought Paulson played everything beautifully. Many in the online community seem to have a problem with Harriet that I've never understood, but she hasn't been one of my favorites either. I'm not sure if she's really one of my favorites now (because I like Danny, Matt, Cal, Tom, Simon, Jack and Jordan all more than her to be honest... which still makes her last of the main cast) but she's still a really cool character with a lot to her. Matt and Harriet's relationship has played a much bigger role in this show than I think it probably should, because this is the one episode where I was really captivated by their relationship.

I liked the whole "Nations" vs. "Search and Destroy" thing comparing good TV with bad TV and Jordan getting good TV at the end. I also loved how hilariously awful "Search and Destroy" sounded, and how Jordan was able to sum up it's awfulness with one call-back "MAYBE BOB'S THE FATHER?!" That was one of my favorite lines.

I loved Simon and Tom's bufoonish attempts at not revealing anything to Martha about Matt and Harriet, and how they just kept screwing it up worse and worse.

Lauren Graham's fun, but she was more fun in the next episode (I'm glad her role in both was short though, these are cameos) and Sting... I don't know. I'm not a big Sting fan and Martha oggling got old. Basically Martha got old, I just don't dig her character (and yet I liked her as Martha Moyer in the pilot) but oh well.

Good episode over-all though, I noticed the sketches themselves seemed to be pretty good this week.

Oh yeah, and Tom in a lobster costume for no apparent reason for most of the episode? Comedy gold.

i can't believe anyone enjoys this show. It will be cancelled in a few months for sure. Its not intelligent at all using pathetic cliches and mixing present day issues and comedy of the past to somehow show that SNL has some reverence still is not entertaining anyone. see my blog for more comments.
Note: If Aaron Sorkin happens to read this, maybe he should consider getting some of the hilarious people playing the staff writers on the show to actually write something hilarious, because despite what some people think, guy in a lobster costume is, by no stretch of the imagination, comedy gold. "Can we have this conversation walking?" HOW 'BOUT NO!!!! I started watching this show because I heard so much good stuff about West Wing, but this whole show is starting to feel like a cross between Law & Order's "torn from the headlines" excuse for TRACING ACTUAL EVENTS INSTEAD OF WRITING and the results of an ECHO CHAMBER OF PEOPLE WHO THINK THEY ARE WATCHING "SMART" TELEVISION because THE CHARACTERS TALK SLIGHTLY FASTER THAN ON OTHER SHOWS, WHILE WALKING EVEN!!!! Here's a clue for you. BREVITY, SOUL OF WIT.
oi, if u posting negative comments about the show and obviously hate it..WHAT THE HELL R U DOING ON THIS BLOG? Honestly, sometimes u ppl confuse me.
Tom in the lobster costume was hilarious. Especially the scene where he was just in the background taking a nap. It's the subtle things that makes this show great. Even if does need some work.
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