Friday, August 11, 2006

Peet Pregnant?

Aaron Sorkin might have a problem on his hands as it has been reported that Amanda Peet is pregnant with her fiancee, writer/producer David Benioff. Reports claim she's three months along but has been hiding it. Obviously since, true or not, it's not anything Peet is talking about we don't know for sure.

If Peet is pregnant what will this mean for Studio 60 and for the character of Jordan McDeere? I'd be surprised if they'd make the character pregnant this early. Just doesn't seem opportune, storyline wise, to suddenly create a whole pregnancy plotline and if they do I'd be even more surprised if they try to make any of the characters on the show (Danny and Matt being the obvious candidates) the father. My guess is we'll get what happened with Mary-Louise Parker and Mary McCormack when both became pregnant while filming The West Wing. Folders in front of stomachs, lots of shots from the shoulders up, and crossed fingers that it doesn't look too ridiculous. Unfortunately McCormack, who naturally has a curvier build than Parker, was able to hide the pregnancy a little better. Peet's build seems more in line with Parker's so we'll have to see.

One thing's for certain, if these reports are legitimate there is more than likely some scurrying going on behind the scenes of S60.

You can get the pilot episode through Netflix as well.
Mmmhmm, I said so way back on July 23rd.
Note about the pilot - I just saw it and STEVEN WEBER IS HOT!!! Nice :-)
Well, it may not be such a secret. In the pilot, and most of the pictures you see of the show, she has that silly half trench coat on. It may be like most TV pregnancies, lots of folders and files held in front of the belly, lots of long coats...standing behind furniture, stuff like that...

What Elizabeth says. ST: TNG went through an entire season with Gates McFadden pregnant, and Dr. Crusher not pregnant. Happens all the time. Wardrobe is a wonderful thing.
Does anyone know if the pilot episode is on the internet anywhere? I looked on itunes and Netflix and couldn't find it. Thanks :)
You can go to the STUDIO 60 page on and watch the first episode online.
Studio 60 Forum
Want to like it but so far...
nothing happens
they go 2 commercial
nothing happens
they go 2 commercial
nothing happens
they go 2 commercial

They need more to happen between fewer commercials for a while
"...reported that Amanda Peet is pregnant with her fiancee"

Damn. That's going to be a heck of a baby.
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