Saturday, August 05, 2006

Official Website is up!

The official website for Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip ( is up. And seems to be pretty well done. (The opening quote between Danny and Jordan "I have no reason to trust you and every reason not to." "Why?" "You work in television." has long since worn out it's welcome in promos though.) Character bios, the thing I was most excited to read aren't up yet. Cast bios and photos are too, as well as some other features. I suggest that we all stay tuned to this site. Just the fact that this site exists seems like a good sign to me. The West Wing never really had an official site, did it? Unless I missed it.

Anyways, enjoy!

Only thing I got to say is the "y don't u trust me" line is only worn out on us ppl here who r obessed with studio 60. for the average viewer, they probably hardly heard it. the site looks good.
I love the Timothy Busfield set tour too, quite interesting!
Mr. Chicken, that's not entirely true. So many of the commercials on NBC include that line too. And it's annoying.
The West Wing did have its own little webpage in NBC-Land with cast/character bios occasional poll, and some links to issues discussed on the show. I think later on, they added a few pages about the election, but it never got a fancy flash web site. Hurrah for S60!

I was kind of disappointed by all the typos the first time I looked at the site. Perhaps they've been cleaned up by now, but that was a HUGE problem for me. Also, I wanted to be able to download the pictures...

The quote is a little over played, but it is a ood one. It seems to encapsulate the show, it's witty, and it's a little unexpected (the first few times). It might be annoying to someone who has complusively watched the previews but seeing it again isn't going to make them boycott the show. They're not trying to please us, they're trying to entice someone new. It's a good line!
I cannot help but think of Josh when I see Bradley Whitford wearing jeans. the cast picture of him in the far right - he looks so Josh.
Josh wore jeans all of 4 times in the history of the show. He looks like Josh because it IS Josh. But we're gonna get over it soon. Danny will emerge.
in respond to ur reply earlier chris m., i guess ur right. personally im sick of the line. i laughed the first time i heard it (in the preview during the ww finale). its a good line though. didnt mean to offend anyone by wat i said if i did.
I don't think it's *that* good a line. I think NBC thinks it's funnier than it is.
Their insistance on using it isn't because of its "hilarity." It's an easy way of explaining one of the big premises of the show in half a dozen words. That's it.
Is it me or do most of these people look like they were super-imposed on the background... BW is looking like he was pasted in as an afterthought...

WEST WwING OFFICIAL Site is the most complete I've ever seen. Detailed episode listing with dates of EVERY one with all characters listed by real names. Also photos and detailed bios.

Its easy to find if you use "official" in your search. Try it and report here.
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