Monday, July 31, 2006

Pilot is leaked!

Sorry, y'all, I've been living under a rock for the past few days. The pilot has been leaked and can be seen at the bit torrent site of your choice. YouTube has it up in five parts.

I'd comment on it but I actually haven't seen it yet. The volume on my computer isn't working and so I could watch it, but I wouldn't get any sound and that would be pointless. I'm going to be seeing it at a friend's house later tonight.

Anyways, for those who haven't seen it, enjoy!!

I'll give a review of it either later tonight or early tomorrow. (I'll be giving reviews of all episodes once the show starts.)

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Anyone have a torrent link to this? I can't find it on torrentspy or piratebay.

Also, the youtube versions were taken down.
Torrent Link:
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Just watched the pilot, my Sorkin jones has been cured.
I just watched it and, honestly, was a little disapointed. It seemed ... ordinary. :/
Thanks for the info. I am watching just the first part (and not even all of that) because I am a baby and want to really see it on the premiere date. But I wanted to post and say thanks for the info, and also that I'll be reviewing each episode on my blog as well, once the season starts. Not meant to be a competitor at all, there's plenty of bandwidth for us Sorkin fans to share.
Thanks for the heads up on the pilot! I linked to your site.
Matthew being pure Chandler, Brad being pure Josh, Amanda Peet being fantastic, Webber very good and Paulson very odd, but maybe it's just me. Sorkin at his best, Schlamme at his very, very best. Everything absolutely fantastic. Can't wait to see it.
I'm not sure, but smells like at least five seasons.
It's up on YouTube again, if anyone missed it the first time. A lot of people are still having trouble with the tracker on BitTorrent. I'd urge anyone who has downloaded it succesfully to keep seeding!

As far as the pilot goes... I hate to say it, but I was very disappointed with Amanda Peet. There was a lot of opportunity in her character, but the performance was flat and a little stiff. I'm hoping she'll grow into the role. Also, there seemed to be a few awkward cuts, especially in Wes' opening monologue. I don't expect we'll see any changes to that before the pilot airs, but they had a tendency to switch camera angles ineffectively or at the wrong time, thereby losing a lot of momentum. That aside, I really enjoyed the pilot a lot. I think there's enough in it to interest a broad demographic. Rather than suffering from being over hyped, I think it pales ONLY in comparison to the West Wing pilot. It's a good, solid start, and I can't wait to see the next episode.
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