Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Ayda Field joins the cast.

Ayda Field who you might remember from Days of our Lives (Okay, I might remember her from Days of our Lives. Shut up, straight guys can watch it too.) or, more recently, as a castmember from "Blue Collar TV" (which I've never seen so let me know if she's good.) has joined the cast. The smart money's on her playing Jeannie, but obviously that's not for definite. Now, whether she's joining the main cast, or has just joined the cast like Ricky and Ron have joined the cast remains to be seen.

I'm not sure about her acting, actually the only bit of her character I saw on Days was her getting shot and slowly dying, which she did pretty well. She had a fake Italian accent which was a bit disorienting though. What are your thoughts? She appears to bring the hot.

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Thanks for the NetFlix tip. Hoping it shows up online earlier.

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